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RayRay362999d ago

Yeah I think Im gunna pick this one up. Very impressive.

XxMajeSteRxX2999d ago

day 1 for me,can't wait :(

JokesOnYou2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Holy Crap, definitely looks like this could be a sleeper hit, quite frankly I wasn't expecting much from a new Castlevania game.

I could be wrong but I noticed some GOW3 influence, but then again all games borrow aspects from previous games within the genre. No QTE's though, and I'm hoping for some extra depth to the gameplay beyond basic hack n slash through countless minions, with the occasional puzzles, fight boss, repeat....which is why I like the fact they are talking about the varied 40 different combo attacks, secondary weapons light and dark weapons, power ups, 20hrs gameplay, 50 diverse stages etc all with what looks like some cool platforming, interesting puzzles and hopefully a compelling story might make this game the surprise hit of the year. I'ma drink another beer ask the elf sitting on my shoulder if I'm right.


raztad2999d ago

"I could be wrong but I noticed some GOW3 influence,"

You are wrong in the sense that is not some but plenty. The whole combat system is a slightly modified gow one. Dunno about the pace, because the framerate is around 25fps yet it looks fast. I'm very curious. The platforming look very standard Gow affair too.

The Titan fight is fully influenced by SotC. Epic.

The story sounds very interesting.

All things considered, I'm loving the whole package. Sold.

BattleAxe2999d ago

This looks like the only game available to give God of War a run for its money. Others have tried....but failed miserably *cough* *cough* Dantes Inferno

Jaces2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Same. After some looking into this game I decided to cancel my preorder of Enslaved for this, that and amazon gave me a $20 credit towards my next game purchase compared to Enslaveds $10 credit. lol!

Still getting Enslaved but a little bit later. Cannot wait for Castlevania: LoS! Over 20 hours of gameplay and 50 levels to explore...hell yea, that totally justifies my $60 worth.

frameflip2998d ago

Looks like it captures the essence of a few of my favorite games (GOW + UC + a little MGS)and blends it all into a beautiful orchestra of blood.
@JokesOnYou- I agree and I love God of War, but I loved Castlevania first ;)

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Pistolero2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

very, very impressive. the production values are out of this world.

tigerstyle2999d ago

but this game is like a mixture of Devil May Cry + Dante's Inferno + Boyennetta (or w.e). Nothing close to God of War.


Imperator2999d ago

How long is the SP? I'm considering buying this but idk.

sdtarm2999d ago

20+ hours, the game looks sik but not going to PC D:

SilentNegotiator2999d ago

"finding the correct sequel takes patience and care" (6:40)

You mean working eyeballs with the ability to spot glowing objects?
I'm getting pretty sick of that game mechanic.

RedPawn2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Fucking phenomenal, Super CastleVania 4 opening theme.

This is a true game worthy of the name, stunning, and this is a reason this is one of my top 5 franchises.

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HungPHAT2999d ago

Day one ! No doubt About it........

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jdktech20102999d ago

Awesome but I'll buy it when it gets a bit cheaper....I just can't buy single player games value wise generally though 20 hours is pretty long and looks epic.

This is definitely a gamefly game when releases die down a bit early next year

JokesOnYou2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I agree, I've become very hesitant about buying single player games because I usually don't play them beyond 1 play through, so I've just become more selective and only pick up the very best SP games and this one looks like it might just fit that bill. Gamefly is a great idea for these type of games but I always go with my gut, I either like a game and buy it or I don't, lol needless to say I buy alot of games.


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