God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo Available Tomorrow

Be sure to stay glued to the PlayStation Store tomorrow, Tuesday, September 28th, as the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo will be included as part of the general PlayStation Store Update! With their November 2nd release date just around the corner, this is one Store update you won’t want to miss!

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wat6342704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

Have fun!

whats up with the disagree?

Handhelds_FTW2704d ago

After the PSN+ users wasn't that bad.

Looking forward to it.

remanutd552704d ago

man i cant freaking wait to play Ghost of Sparta!!!! whats up with sony first party developers ? no more Motorstorms? Resistances? Little Big Planets? Syphon Filters ? what are they developing for next year?