Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - 3 New Gameplay Videos

Two videos of Shikamaru vs Hidan and one of Naruto taking on Sasuke.

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RedDead2999d ago

Dislike eng voices. Love new music, it seems more action packed or something aswell? Whoever was using Sasuke sucked aswell

El-Fenemeno12132998d ago

agree about the english voice actors. Juugo's voice was so awful it made me tear from laughter

despair2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

good thing it comes with japanese voices as an option. Oh and looking forward to playing as Hidan, always one of my favorite characters, psychotic masochistic immortal badass that he is.

Sukebe_Gamer2999d ago

Can't wait for this game. Never played the first one but i am very tempted to play through it before i get this new one.

RedDead2999d ago

First one's campaign sucked and some techniques where overpowered, this one is way more balanced. In the first Tai was much much harder than just spamming ninjutsu and in this Tai is very strong. Seriously just wait for this one, it is much improved.

Just watch the anime(up to episode 135) if you want to catch up on storty. The first one is terrible at thelling the story aswell actually. It's like the first was a beta for the second one.

-Judge_Fudge2998d ago

these arnt new (to me atleast)

OT: cant wait to play as itachi and tobi

ZombieNinjaPanda2998d ago

From the looks of it you can only have one jutsu assigned? So like you can't choose both rasengan and rasen-shuriken?

Dunno if I'll like that.

jwk942998d ago

you can assign both of those, if you quickly do triangle then circle you'll do rasengan, if you allow it to charge, it'll switch to rasen-shuriken.

Spawnofgods3332998d ago

triange and circle = rasengan
triangle and charged circle = odooma rasengan
triangle triangle and circle (ultimate jutsu) = rasenshuriken

you can also switch out ultimates so naruto can actually switch between fox-rasengan and rasen-shuriken

RedDead2998d ago

3 differant jutsu basically :)

ZombieNinjaPanda2998d ago

Ah okay thanks everyone, I was under the impression from the demo that you could only have one Jutsu, and then an ultimate jutsu.

RedDead2997d ago

The jutsu come in tiers now,
For example
Tier 1: Rasengan: quick
tier 2: Odama Rasengan : Slightly longer to use but beats all tier 1 jutsu
Tier 3 Ultimate Jutsu: Very powerful. Dunno what else, I assume it beats tier 1'2 and 2's