Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Diddy Kong Confirmed

Donkey Kong's pal has finally joined the battle! Unfortunately, screenshots fail to truly capture the way he moves.

He scrambles around the battle, using whimsical fighting moves while wielding both his Rocketbarrel Boost and Peanut Pop Gun!

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ItsDubC4134d ago

Some nice fur shading effects in those screens. Also, I want Diddy's hat!

vidoardes4133d ago

It's looking very good. I don't see why hardcore gamers keep labeling the Wii as 'old-gen' and only for kids. The graphics (while not on par with 360/PS3) are good, games like this are a damn sight more fun than any FPS and it has games like Resi for the hardcore. I have heard several sources say that the Wii versions of Resi 4 and Tomb Raider are by far the best versions

ChickeyCantor4133d ago

its simple why they say it, its being bashed for 2 generations long.
the next born gamer starting with GTA will say it because they are programmed to do it.
its like a cult, if one says it then it must be true, these are called the ignorant...but you know.ignorance is bliss.

4133d ago
88 movement4133d ago

W0000000000000000T SQUIRTLE

Ri0tSquad4133d ago

I know there both in it!

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The story is too old to be commented.