Castlevania Lords of Shadow review: Yet Another 90+

So it's happened again. Castlevania Lords of Shadow has hit well into the 90s in its latest review in PSM3.

This time it's 94 percent, with the mag describing the Kojima influenced vampire action-adventure as "a glorious, epic with incredible combat and an involving story".

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JustSomeLogic2972d ago

Can we have normal review headlines from now on...please?

Game-ur2972d ago

So far every review is confirming my three pillars of a classic game: Gameplay, story, graphics.

Traveler2972d ago

90% of the credit goes to the actual development team that made the game, Mercury Steam. They have made an epic.

MisterNiwa2972d ago

Their first Next Gen Game, Clive Barkers Jericho was awesome aswell, I don't know why most people hated on it.

The atmosphere was absolute fantastic, it was a horror atmosphere like non other out there. The voice over may be stupid, but the story was pretty darn good.

And I couldn't complain over the gameplay, having a whole team to play with individual psychich powers is awesome.

meganick2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Sorry, I have to disagree with you about story and graphics. Good graphics and a good story can compliment a game but it's all about gameplay in the end. For example, Pac-Man and Tetris are classics but they have archaic graphics and no story.

DaTruth2972d ago

You can't blame them, that was the ugliest game in history!

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firelogic2972d ago

It really is the kojima effect. he had a suprising amount of input in the project. even down to the main character's design.

JokesOnYou2972d ago

This game wasn't on my radar until recently but I've been hearing only good things about it and the few trailers I've seen look great. Guess I'll be picking this up soon.


tinybigman2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

and i've been waiting for a really good translation in 3D, the 1st one on ps2 was ok but this looks to finally it the series justice. i also would like to say shame on Konami for not giving Koji Igarashi a high budget for his 3D game; because if they did that ps2 game could have turned out just like this one.

i really hope people support this game by going out and purchasing it, but i have a bad feeling that this will not do any better than the rest of the games in this series.

castlevania is the definition of cult classic.

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Ahasverus2972d ago

It-s the original headline *Very Silly IMO

redDevil872972d ago

Ok now its definately a day one buy for me, this game seems way to good to pass up.

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