Dead Rising 2 Guardian Review

Guardian: The problem with zombies has always been that they are not intrinsically threatening. Vampires, werewolves, slavering multi-toothed aliens, drug-crazed Arkham Asylum inmates, heavily armed Nazi henchmen, that weird pink monster from the original Doom whose echoing roar still haunts my nightmares – all of these are scary because they pose a direct and imminent threat. Not so your classic zombie; a naturally amiable creature, it spends its un-life shuffling aimlessly around like a stoned teenager looking for something to eat.

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SilentNegotiator2971d ago

Well, he does make a good point. The zombies are sort of the main focus of the game and they don't do much. And the lack of resistance could be considered a game breaker for reviewers/gamers because it lacks a tight, constant feel.

And it still has the save system that a lot of people didn't like.

And AI is only marginally improved; friendly AI will still fall behind easy, and when objectives have such limited time, that's an issue.

I think he justified his score, even if it might seem a little low.

Sukebe_Gamer2971d ago

I'm really on the fence when it comes to getting this game. I will most likely have to give this a rent before i make my final decision.

rdgneoz32971d ago

Most reviews have given it around an 8. The online co-op looks like it'll be fun and the multiplayer matches look interesting.

xskipperx822971d ago

If you liked the original you will like this one. That seems to be the consensus on this game

Rybakov2971d ago

i hated the first game and i love this one...first was a blatant movie rip off this actually is something they thought about

Def Warrant2971d ago

Off topic:

Ok so i went and bought F1 2010 and i must say it was a total waste of my money. The gameplay is incredibly mediocre and the graphics are of PS2 quality. OMG! what a mess.

It's truely sad because this is the exact reason why i haven't bought a multiplat game since Fifa10 last October. And the most pathetic part is, even F1 Championship Edition (developed by Sony Studio Liverpool) plays much better and has incredible graphics that match Uncharted and many others.

F1 2010 is a mediocre multiplat and i advise people to rent it or give it a pass. Codemasters should rename themselves to Turdmasters.

On topic:

Yet another mediocre multiplat that will never get my money. Thank god for Sony exclusives. No REALLY!

rdgneoz32971d ago

While I love Sony exclusives, there are some good multiplat games out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.