Two Worlds II Delayed Until January 2011

It was just announced that Two Worlds II will be delayed until early 2011. Originally set to release in just a few weeks, SouthPeak revealed that Two Worlds II will see a delay till early 2011 to guarantee the game reaches a high-level of perfection and doesn't make the mistakes of the first game.

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killcycle2972d ago

Demon souls aside, Theres no real Online RPG with lasting appeal on ps3 for me.
One of the reasons I purchase ps3 was for Monster Hunter Tri and that got thrown on Wii and now Xbox are getting a PC version which still leaves us PS3 gamers in the dark.

This game might just fill that spot for me until something better comes out.

Good it got delayed imo, I want the devs to put some real effort into this game.

JsonHenry2972d ago

It got delayed because it didnt want to go head to head with Aracania, Fallout New Vegas, and Fable 3.

jarrod19812972d ago

you might be right. all the games you mentioned have strong followings and fans will definately be picking those up. hopefully it turns out good. i just couldnt bring myself to play the first one after the first 15 minutes.

JsonHenry2972d ago

Yeah, placing yourself right after the holidays when people go spend the cash/gift cards they got for the holiday's is a good place to be.

Daver2972d ago


well i was more interested in Two worlds 2 than all the titles you mentioned

Daver2972d ago

that sucks, Holiday 2010 is not that good holiday for games in my opinion. Now that this game and LBP move to 2011, theres only few titles i'm interested in, well ''interested'' its not even games i'm looking forward like Portal 2 and Infamous 2, it is just games that are coming out that 'might' grab my attention.

NegativeCreepWA2972d ago

It really is the worst holiday season this gen, some great games coming out but not so many that I have to pick and chose games like the last few years. But it looks like it'll be the best late winter early spring this gen.

Rowland2972d ago

it is if you've got a PC !

Daver2972d ago


I bought a new PC but i'm keeping it for diablo 3, this is the only game i love to play on PC

MMFGaming2972d ago

That's a real shame. Oh well --hopefully it'll get some love in 2011.

bigtrucknd2972d ago

Hope it does'nt end up being crap like Alpha Protocol probably will that is why they delayed out of fear of Fallout and rest of holiday releases.

blahblah2972d ago

but then i tried stealth mode and it was really fun experience. shooting? sucked

AP would be great if they'd put same amount of thoughts on all aspects of gameplay, instead they focused on some and miserably failed other

sdtarm2972d ago

OMG can this be another CoD victim?? altho they r diff kind of games but all games suffer from CoD D:

blahblah2972d ago

just like this years car models will be delayed because Toy'r'us is putting new Barbie on the shelves.

I doubt there is one RPG fan who would prefer CoD over online RPG. well,... if he does, he is no RPG fan.

sdtarm2972d ago

STFU u ret**ed are all the ppl who will buy this game RPG fans?? some RPG fans are also FPS fans did u know, chill out kid

blahblah2972d ago

lol, me responding with a joke and you with insult... then i need to chill out? hahaha, that probably shows really good who the kid was here.

and i don't know almost anyone (RPG fan) who would trade some rpg (rare in this generation) for fps (new shooter every week and as person who doesn't play them, they all look like one rehashed game to me).

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The story is too old to be commented.