Metal Gear Solid 4 Games Convention Trailer

Here's the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer from Games convention. It was caught using a camcorder. Hit the link to check it out.

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P4KY B3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

The animation was so life like.

'I WILL BUY A PS3 FOR THIS GAME!' (there, i said it)

kingofps33985d ago

I am certain a lot of people "WILL BUY A PS3 FOR THIS GAME!'"

TriggerHappy3985d ago

This is the game am waiting for to pick up one myself.

Mk Red3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

ANimations look great, but the graphics don't wow.
The textures (I know it's a cam corder video) are not very rich, and some of the character models look no better than those in the last SPLINTER CELL installment.
Games like Assassins Creed and HEAVENLY SWORD display much more advanced visual techniques, so at a glance, or in screenshots, MGS4 is not the cream of the crop

I don't think a lot of peoople understand the MGS games. They have a definite cult following, but have never been the BLOCKBUSTER titles like HALO or RESIDENT EVIL.
However, with all of the recent coverage, I think the game will do very well, but I don't know that it will be very well received. I think people who don't know the series personally are expecting a stealth / shooter, and won't know how to take the strange direction and humor that KOJIMA brings to these games. They have a very EASTERN flavor that is often an acquired taste

HeartlesskizZ3985d ago

I envy the beta testers that are playing as we watch this clip.
I feel like crying. please make a beta for europe plzzzzz.

other then that way to go H. kojima, u have made 3 of my friends get a
ps3 for this,

Panthers3985d ago

I just wanna say that this game looks much nicer than Assasins Creed or Heavenly Sword.

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D R Fz3985d ago

This Game will definitely be one of the games i get for my PS3.

SIX3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

I'm so happy I own a PS3.

Mantis ic back! As well as the past bosses. Just new packaging.........SWEET!!!

Lord Anubis3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

i was going to say that. Psychomantis is back! Kojima did says he would bring back some of the old faces. I hope is psychomantis but the body of the character looks to be of the female gender.



Mk Red3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Female genre... interesting

Sorry... had to...

just FYI, and for future reference to avoid looking like a dummy, the word is...


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