IGN Review: Bratz Ponyz

Bratz Ponyz, for being a game that is based on the idea of horses wearing eye shadow and glitter, is actually not that bad. Its mini-game designs lack depth, but do contain some original ideas and unique uses of the DS microphone, while its colorful island game world is much larger and more impressive in scope than you'd guess going in. Young women who are fans of the Bratz brand, or fans of ponies, or fans of both, could do a lot worse than spending time with Bratz Ponyz on the DS – let's just hope the animals-replacing-humans concept stays reigned in and kept from getting too out of hand in future game releases.

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MK_Red4136d ago

A Bratz game with PonyZ!??? 0/10 for me.

MK_Red4136d ago

Good one. The battle for GOTY just got more intense. BioShock better watch out.

Ignorant Fanboy4136d ago

And as soon as I go pick it up, I will be arrested for pedophilia.

I hate those little sluts.

ShiftyLookingCow4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

this game is most innovative game yet, MS is going to pay 50 mil for the next installament, it will be released with pinkbox 360.

[edit] "And as soon as I go pick it up, I will be arrested for pedophilia."
Don't forget Animal Cruelty, PETA will personally hire hitman to take you down, on other hand scantly clad sub zero IQ babes will be parading themselves against it.

thereapersson4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

This game might be a 0/10, but the comments in this news post are 10/10. Bubbles for everyone.

ReconHope4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

its the GOTY obviously. Is that you in your avatar? If so you are really cute. ^_^

vidoardes4136d ago

This is depressing, I make a post about SSBB and the Bratz Ponyz is double the temp! What is the world coming to?

...Bratz FTW!

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