NBA Elite 11 Delayed From October Release, NBA Jam Coming Before Holidays

Bad news basketball fans. EA Sports has just delayed the release of NBA Elite 11 (and NBA Jam HD) from its October 5th date. No word on a new date, but check the story for the full announcement from EA Sports prez Peter Moore. (Oh, and NBA Jam is coming this holiday season separately!)

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NYC_Gamer2975d ago

they should just cancel the release

ChickenOfTheCaveMan2975d ago

yep, they should just forget 11 and get back stronger in 12

Theoneneo812975d ago

I'm just more excited about geting the full NBA JAM now :)

archemides5182975d ago

U gonna b excited about payin $60 for it?

man0fsteel2975d ago

As I said earlier, at least we get updated 2010-11 rosters in NBA LIVE 10. Its actually decent and miles better than that abomination that they were almost about to release.

2K11 was already on my pre order list months ago

fuzion17c2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

EDIT: @ 2:24 lol

you could still see him standing there behind garnetts free throw shot @ 3:28 lol

GoldPS32975d ago

LOL that's crazy. No wonder it's delayed. 2K11 looks better anyway.

KozmoOchez2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

it plays better too, and has some of the best features i've ever seen in any basketball game - or maybe ANY sports game

Developer Insights tell it all:

BaSeBaLlKiD7212975d ago

nothing beats MLB 10 The Show... It even has AAA-status reviews.

KozmoOchez2975d ago

thats why you've had it since launch and only played 13 games total....14 if you count the game we played after you saw that you only played 13

BaSeBaLlKiD7212974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

like i said, i had to delete my profile for a reason a while after the game came out so it's not just 14 games

and the profile doesn't track online games as well... online has its own profile tracking

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rdgneoz32975d ago

Hell, I first noticed that around 2:24, looks like it happened a few seconds before that during the transition.

Kevin McCallister2975d ago

Lmfao, that is the funniest thing I've seen in a long long time.

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2975d ago
Hercules2975d ago

just happy that we get to keep nba jam in's a win-win for us shows that ea really listens instead of releasing a game with patches

HeavenlySnipes2975d ago

Is the worst b-ball game I've ever played. I admit that I was Live guy from 03-07 (05 was the shit) then they went downhill. They made the attribute signs get used automatically in live 08, 09 was just..yuck... and live 10 was ok (not the graphics) but it was just 2k10 was better. Elite 11 took being shit to a whole new level.

I think they are delaying the game to make it even worse so that they could get into Guiness as worst basketball game and make a few thousand b/c they know no on will buy their game.

No turbo button+ Terrible graphics+ R2 to pass+ terrible animations+ game ending glitchs= Wort basketball game ever created.

Hercules2975d ago

we share the same minds

i liked that live 03 better as it introduced total freestyle control with jason kidd (even came with the soundtrack)....but if they just revamped the controls (add turbo) and fix up the glitches (he stayed like this for 2mins until the end of the qtr)

i think this could be a good for lunaluagua comments, i agree if it is not between $30-40, then it is a waste...but if they will use the same features that they would have put in live, it could be a $20 downloadable game...remember it was a code to download...either way i am looking forward to it

archemides5182975d ago

It's not a win cuz now they are gonna charge 50$ for NBA jam when we could have gotten it with a whole other game at the same price a week from Now...they are screwing us big time

archemides5182975d ago

IN FACT, this is such a punk move that if the game is more than 29.99, I won't b getting it ever, though I was planning on it. I BET this game comes out at $60, EA can go f off

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