Donkey Kong Country Returns: Will This Retro Experience Stand Up to Rare's?

Ryan Hauser writes, "When gamers remember some of the truly timeless gaming franchises of their childhood, they cannot help but recall the classic Donkey Kong Country games. During the time of its release, Donkey Kong Country was one of the most graphically superior titles on the market. And with its insanely fun gameplay, clever level design, and memorable soundtrack, Donkey Kong Country easily transcended gamers expectations of what a game starring their favorite barrel-tossing ape would be. Now Donkey Kong is poised to bring his charm to the 2D platformer all over again with Donkey Kong Country Returns. It certainly has been a long time coming, but now that the great ape and his chimp side are back in full swing, what can gamers expect from this exciting new title? And how can Retro live up to the standard that Rare established so many years ago."

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tunaks12999d ago

Retro has already proved that their renditions of Nintendo's games can stand next to the originals.

darkcharizard2999d ago

The questions is, if Retro can make an experience as great as its Prime trilogy.

eagle212999d ago

Most likely BETTER. :)

K922999d ago

Retro is the new Rare

pcz2999d ago

i have become disillusioned with rare... almost as if all those 'amazing' games from their past were just seen through fan tinted glasses.

either that or microsoft totally killed their creativity.

ChickeyCantor2999d ago

The rare we remember is NOT the rare we have today.
And this is not some metaphor.
Rares most important workers were gone ages ago.