PS3 and PC get a new game: Soldner-X

Based on eastasiasoft's official press release published today, Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer is targeted to be released for PlayStation3 and PC.

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thereapersson4132d ago

I love games like Gradius, Einhander and R-Type, so this game will be right up my alley. Hopefully it's extremely hard and has a lot of gameplay variety, but even still it will probably be worth it just for the PSN price tag (should be under 10 bucks, i'm assuming).

DEADEND4132d ago

I think its going to be put on the PSN.

thereapersson4132d ago

Yeah, that's what I gathered. It's going to come out on the PSN and PC.

jtmill074132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Like Warhawk I think it will be out on PSN and Blu-Ray. Because it’s coming out on two different platforms. I would like to be able to choose.

MK_Red4132d ago

A true HD 2D shooter!??? I'm in.

thereapersson4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Hopefully this game will run at a good framerate with no slowdown, as we all know slowdown is the bane of any shooter's existence. Heh, though sometimes slowdown can save your ass in heated situations...

edit: Thanks to snake_doctor for the website link!

secondary edit: Looks like the game will run great!

Preliminary feature list. Please check back shortly for more details.

* 12 stages of beautiful parallax graphics and animations, staged across 4 fantastic world/space settings
* High definition graphics in 720p (16:9)
* Beautiful weather effects (such as rain, fog and lightning)
* Detailed background animations
* Classic design, yet state-of-the-art shooter technology
* Unique upgrade weapon system with five standard weapon types
* Never before seen tactical elements such as chaining, effectiveness system, 'berserker' mode and much more
* Plenty of hidden bonus features
* More than 20 extras (with both positive and negative effects!)
* Addictive collection quests
* Over-the-top boss fights
* Features a superb soundtrack and sound effects
* Bi-lingual story mode (English/Japanese)
* Six modes of difficulty: very easy, easy, normal, hard, impossible, nightmare
* Easy to learn, yet tough to master
* Online high score ranking
* Constant frame rate (60fps)*

MK_Red4132d ago

Hey, great find. Bubbles for you. The game looks really cool.

jtmill074132d ago

Very NICE pics. Thanks :-) Now it only needs online co-op mode. That would be something.

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The story is too old to be commented.