IGN: FIFA 11 Review

IGN writes: "FIFA 10 was a crowning achievement for EA Sports' soccer series when it launched last year. It took massive steps forward in both gameplay and feature set design, and while FIFA 11 doesn't quite pack the same mammoth punch of its predecessor, there's little doubt that this year's entry builds modestly on the series' rock-solid foundation".

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MexicanAppleThief2939d ago

Hopefully we British get the supermarket 'price wars' again just like last time :D

redDevil872939d ago

That was funny as hell. I got it for £25 from amazon last year, gonna look for the same deal. If i don't like the game i'll just trade it in and make a profit.

Rampaged Death2939d ago

Cancelled my ShopTo pre order in case Morrison's do it for £25 again.

XXXCouture2939d ago

im tired of annual sports games

HOSe2939d ago

this review was pretty lame -

they could give the game a 5/10 and id still buy it

sdtarm2939d ago

You r pretty lame, they could pack the same game every year and youd buy it

FwanK2939d ago

The last FIFA game i bought was 98 :P

I think im ready to go back to FIFA

HQLocated1112939d ago

98 road to world cup was the best fifa IMO. That was the last one i bought as well. Buying this one tomorrow.

Areeb112939d ago

when it comes to football (soccer)
IGN UK is your best bet for a football game review.

turok2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

rate it 9.5? either way imo it shud be a 9 minimum. FIFA dont disappoint.

byeGollum2939d ago

What do americans know about football ("soccer") no offence .. its best they let only IGN uk review it

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The story is too old to be commented.