Kinect Launch Marked By Major Ad Partnerships

Microsoft Advertising is partnering with brands including Chevrolet, Sprint and T-Mobile for the November 4 launch of the full body tracking 3D Kinect camera for Xbox 360, the Xbox house said Monday.

All three of the advertisers will launch Kinect-related campaigns when the anticipated peripheral launches later this year.

Chevrolet will feature its vehicles, including the hybrid Chevy Volt car, in the controller-free Kinect racing game Kinect Joy Ride. The auto maker will also have an ad presence on Xbox Live and in a campaign within the "Kinect Hub."

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rebirthofcaos2880d ago


Chevrolet will feature its vehicles on joy ride, wow I didnt know that with their cars you

were able to drive without a Steer Wheel at hand /s

D4RkNIKON2880d ago

I thought the same thing. How to test drive without a wheel.. or truck.

JustSomeLogic2880d ago

Because games are an indicator of what happens in real life. When I get into my car there's a DS3 controller waiting right?
Don't be a turd, why must every kinect article come under fire?
Why does no one ask if there'll be a glowy bulb on a stick if I sign up for the military. Why is it cool to compare kinect to real life but everything else gets a free pass?

rebirthofcaos2880d ago

ill reply you with a simple "IT IS EASY"

JustSomeLogic2880d ago

that the Move isn't good at then people start wincing and calling you names. What am I talking about? Sales and mass appeal. 140K is not a launch number to write home about.

TotalPS3Fanboy2880d ago

"...why must every kinect article come under fire?"

"ill reply you with a simple 'IT IS EASY'"

I am afraid I must agree with rebirthofcaos here.

gcolley2879d ago

it is easy when you have a bunch of fanboys ready to back you up. no different to the school playground

n4gno2878d ago

"Yeah but as soon as you mention something
that the Move isn't good at then people start wincing and calling you names. What am I talking about? Sales and mass appeal. 140K is not a launch number to write home about."

1/ just read the (good) reviews, more than 100 for move, and look at (real, and not so good previews) for kinect (don't use PR release and fanboy blogs to tell the opposite)

2/ 140 K ? lol, vgchartz estimation used by the worst fanboyz, only when they want to downplay ps3 success, or exagerate 360 sells.
Move is sold out almost everywhere, and better : it works, and way better than anything else in motion control territory.

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2879d ago
Imperator2879d ago

Kinect is Epic Fail. That is all.

nygamer282879d ago

OH STFU!!!!!! hasnt even come out yet and you probley never tried it so stop commenting on kinect article douche

Dance2879d ago

how can something fail if it isnt even out yet

lowcarb2879d ago

Does anybody know just how many Kinect titles are going to launch this year? Seems as if 360 is on a role with exclusives. God job advertising MS!

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Misterhbk2880d ago

I would have expected them to aim bigger than a Tmobile or Sprint. Att or Verizon would have been much better choices but eh, they know how to market so meh. Bieber will do work im sure. Just hope this add-on gets some REAL game REAL soon

Sheikh Yerbouti2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

I think Move is reaching a wider base than Kinect with Coke alone. I mean everyone drinks soda - across age groups and cultures - unlike wireless providers and motor vehicles. And they likely buy a soda every day.

Justin Bieber is brilliant tho'. They should follow with more of the same. Put Kinect on that shill Oprah too, MS.

dragon822879d ago

I see MOVE comercials all day long on ESPN and ESPN2. I would say they are reaching a bigger audience there than on the back of a Coke can.

Pedobear Rocks2879d ago

a year for live and $150 for Kinect and STILL you advertise to me?

nygamer282879d ago

why not,they make money off it

Moonboots2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

It goes back to that Cable TV analogy. I pay for cable but I still have to watch commercials.

But I %100 agree and think it's completely lame that people will pay for that and MS still will shove ad's in its customers faces and it seems to be getting worse over time. The whole NXE redesign was more for MS shoving ad's in people faces than it was anything else. The premise that they are game related just doesn't float any more.

Gold members should have an ad free dash. They have plenty of silver folks who can be exposed to these ad's.

I've complained about it on until they actually banned me for a spell.

gamingdroid2879d ago

It's business, get over it!

Fact is, there are plenty of things in life that are paid for that still comes with advertisement. Why do you pay for newspapers? What about magazines? TV service?

tiamat52879d ago ShowReplies(5)
jukins2879d ago

talk about buying your way into people wallets

Moonboots2879d ago

What are you talking about?

How is marketing partnerships buying their way into peoples wallets?

If that is the case the whole damn business world is buying their way into peoples wallets. Uh-Oh Sony has a Subway partnership buying their way in confirmed!!! <-sarcasm. What planet do you live on friend?

Cherchez La Ghost2879d ago

Let me get this straight...., advertising is buying into peoples pockets?! Correct me if I'm wrong. Advertising is to present your product to the world and to pursuede consumers to buy your product.

Never mind. Why did I waste 2 minutes just replying to your statement.

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