David Jaffe Tweets About The Achievement/Trophy Mentality

Outspoken Twisted Metal and God of War developer David Jaffe is no stranger to ranting on his Twitter page, and today's topic is achievements and trophies. Here's what he had to say:

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Joule2971d ago

shut up and hurry with Twisted Metal

Paradise2971d ago

The guy deserves a break every now and then.

mrcash2971d ago

He hasn't done anything in god knows how long, he's had enough of a break.

redfirm2971d ago

you do know that most devs turned a hobby into a job right ?

Elimin82971d ago

I H8 Online/Multiplayer Trophies!

PSFan1002971d ago

I think the majority of gamers who do trophies/achievements, don't really like to do the online ones. Mainly because it is boring but the most important thing is, you can't do it in your own time like single player. For example, i can't finish the online ones for fifa 09, since they shut down the servers. I wish Sony would improve trophies, add some more features to it and just generally polish the trophy support up (i.e, cut online trophies off the % count).

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FACTUAL evidence2971d ago

or extremely over the edge MP trophies. It gets tedious after a while spending over a week for ONE bronze trophy, just to find out you need to spend another 2 weeks for 1 silver MP trophy. Did anyone play singularity? Yeah, talk to me if you ever find a match in that game.

Imperator2971d ago

Yea, MP trophies are the worst. IMO, it should be for SP only. There's some games that you can't even get 1000/1000 on anymore becuase there's no online anymore. That's just ridiculous.

rdgneoz32971d ago

They should have MP trophies, but not have them count towards the Platinum. Or look at UC2, they had 2 MP trophies (play 1 co-op and 1 MP match) and then they had a bunch of in-game trophies for various things during the matches.

Red_Orange_Juice2971d ago

Do you really bother to platinum games like Singularity?

siyrobbo2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

dont mind online achievements for things like leveling up, but anything which encourages boosting can seriously ruin online games

like the demolition 2.0 achievement on bc2, suffered so many team kills from people trying to demolish buildings

Shuklar2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Sadly, a lot of games don't have a long online lifespan unless they're mainstream. It's kind of funny, yet Bioshock 2 has people playing at all hours and it's been out longer, yet in Singularity, I could only get games during "primetime" (after work hours).

Thankfully, I finished the mp while it was still "active" lol

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Hank Hill2971d ago

I agree with his points. Personally, I don't even look at trophies until after I beat the game because I want to enjoy the game for what it is without being distracted by trophies. After I beat the game, then I look at the trophies and decide if I want to go for the platinum. Multi player trophies should not count towards the platinum like the DLC trophies do it.

rdgneoz32971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Yep, I tend to look at trophies only after I play the game. And as for his question on trophies unlocking after the first play through, Heavy Rain did it after each chapter during the loading screen. Not exactly after you beat the game, but seeing as they had every trophy hidden pretty much, you didn't know what or when you would get anything unless you went online to look.

moparful992971d ago

I love getting that ding on the ps3 letting me know I have recieved a trophy because its a reward for completing a specific task and makes you feel good but I rarely seek them out.. I just play through the game and if I unlock a trophy then great but I only ever seek them out whenever I have come dangerously close to acheiving a platinum trophy.. Those are the real testament to your prowess as a gamer and I personally only have 3.. I'm at 94% in batman arkham asylum but I can't seem to get the trophy for free flow perfection.. Its hard and if not for that one stupid trophy I'd have a fourth platinum.. So yea trophies are cool but alot of them feel cheap and forced.. When done correctly though they are a great feature..

divideby02971d ago

I am a day one charter member of Live....and also PSN.. I never look at achievements, trophies , gamer scores.

I play games for fun, not silly stuff like the above.

I know this stuff is popular, but I would just LMAO if anyone started bragging about that crap, especially in the real world..

Shuklar2971d ago

Damnit...don't laugh at me...have to update my resume now :(

GoldPS32971d ago

I hate online trophies. I tried to get my MLB the Show 09 plat then Sony took the servers down. All I needed was one online trophy to get the plat. I wasn't that mad becuz the trophy was very hard to get and I'm not gonna waste hours getting a trophy. Another thing I hate is when bronze trophies are harder to get than some gold trophies.

NYC_Gamer2971d ago

never been fan of achievements/trophies...

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