Sony to Unveil PSP Download Service Today

Kotaku: "We happened to be walking by the Sony booth, the massive Sony booth, this morning when they were rehearsing part of their press conference. In particular they were showing a slide that read PSP Video Download Service. Unfortunately, we didn't hear any particulars, but they did go on to say something about an upcoming FIFA tournament for the PS3 and I believe that the head of the FIFA might actually take the stage later today to talk details."

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Premonition3836d ago

Gotta love it, New PSP coming next month, download service, probably the new camera as well and bigger software update, gaming is good.

THE_JUDGE3836d ago

like to see this in the US. I would use it, I'm lazy.

ENNO3836d ago

like the us get everything lately...time we get something in return....

kr0n0s1873836d ago

this is awsome one of my psp dreams come true today also agree with the judge

Mu5afir3836d ago

We need this kind of service in the U.S.

Vip3r3836d ago

Is this Service coming to the US? Just that it involves Sky and BT I think and I'm not sure if they operate in the US.

ENNO3836d ago

Because the main reason its compatible with the ps3 is the great BT service and the fact that sky customers(including me)are able to download movie to their mobile phone!