10° The Battle of the Gamers - Part Two

MMOs versus Consoles – Which side are you?

By Cody Hargreaves and Daniel Ball

Dan: I’ve noticed lately that in the gaming world there appears to be a not-so-hidden conflict that divides we gamers down the middle. I’m talking about the MMO versus Non-MMO game wars, fuelled by the line ‘WoW sucks’, which cause approximately 99% of idiotic Youtube comments on game videos. When the war started, no one knows. When it will end is anyone’s guess. What we do know; however, is that there seems to be a lot of disagreement between people who play MMOs and those who don’t. There could be many reasons, like money, genre preference, console/PC limitations that cause this. Things you would think us mature gamers would see as minor differences and respect as just that. But, oh look! A flame war online being fuelled by an egotistical console gamer with a superiority complex.

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