What Does Gaming Mean to You?

gamrFeed - "Playable Taliban fighters, an upcoming Supreme Court case, and the endless debates on whether games are art. With all these discussions and controversies we may sometimes forget what it is about gaming that draws us to it, and more importantly, what it is that keeps us here."

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HydraxFFx2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I would rather read blogs of this quality as appose to watch top 10 lists from "scantily-clad women" any day.

naznatips2999d ago

For me? It's a way to relieve stress of work lol.

@ HydraxFFx credit for the awesome One Piece avatar.

GamingForever2999d ago

Fun, Relaxing, entertainment, a way to enjoy life, and one of the great topics to talk with friends...

BeardedGamerShow2999d ago

Wonderfully written. This an many sites prove gaming has become culturally relevant, no longer the hobby of the socially deficient, but mainstream and sometimes life-affecting.

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