Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island review

The adventure genre hasn’t been the most focused genre over the past decade. While the recent revitalization of the Monkey Island series injected life into the field, it’s hard to come across any modern adventure game, let alone a good one. With that in mind, German developers Autumn Moon Entertainment has delivered Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island; a lengthy adventure through a pirate world filled with mystery and treachery starring three playable pirate protagonists that is on the lackluster end of the balance beam.

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barefootgamer2700d ago

Umm... Monkey Island ripoff anyone?

aciditytom2700d ago

I totally agree with ya barefoot, seems like they're trying to make some profit of Monkey Island's idea..

Azule612700d ago

thanks for the heads up. Note to self, stay clear of this monkey island ripoff.

dannyland12700d ago

ripoff of a remake of a classic. ripoff squared.

rezznik2700d ago

Sounds weak. Thanks for the warning!

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The story is too old to be commented.