Nyko: "All Our Controllers Will Work With New PS3 Update"‎

Last week, Sony sent out a consumer alert about fake PS3 controllers. Shortly thereafter, reports that the recent 3.50 firmware update would render some third-part game controllers unusable.

Kotaku's reported that accessories manufacturer Mad Catz has come up with three older PS3 controller models that will no longer work with the PS3 after the updated. Techland reached out to Nyko, a company that also makes accessories for the major gaming consoles, and Chris Arbogast, their Director of Marketing issued the following statement:

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talltony2973d ago

looking forward to my raven.

N4GAddict2973d ago

I might pick one up as well.

Elvfam5112973d ago

Please post your impressions when you do....

-Ikon-2973d ago

My DS3 needs to be replaced. Left analog is all messed up. The Raven is looking like its replacement and it's cheaper. If I hate it ill return it and get another DS3

number472973d ago

who to believe.. so tough.

Active Reload2973d ago

What? Insecure much?

On topic: These are the ones with the suede like feel to them I think.

Fishy Fingers2973d ago

Anything special about these? One looks like a crap Dual Shock and the other 360 pad.

Fatal Blow2973d ago

Has anyone got these cause am thinking of getting them to play fps games

Shazz2973d ago

is it a deliberate design to make 1 look like a 360 pad but for ps3 . wont be touching that i love the dualshock best pad ever still

ELite_Ghost2973d ago

well it's not been beaten since ps1 so ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.