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5 Reasons Why Black Ops Will Be Better Than Modern Warfare 2

You can ask almost anyone who went to the September 1st reveal and they will say that Black Ops played more like World at War. But since WaW’s multiplayer wasn’t that good you must ask yourself if its still worth it. Well here is five reasons why Black Ops is better than MW2 and may be the best COD game to date. (Call of Duty: Black Ops, Nintendo DS, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

SasanovaS1987  +   1886d ago
5 reasons why it will be the same more like it...
N4GAddict  +   1886d ago
Black Ops looks great though
Commander_TK  +   1886d ago
Because it's
developed by Treyarch
FragGen  +   1886d ago
+1. I'm actually pretty impressed. Treyarch is doing a lot with their turn @ COD this time: Dedi's on PC, Wager modes in MP, Currency based leveling, experimental weapons, trimming away the really infuriating kill streak rewards (TacNuke), not letting kill streak rewards stack up (i.e. you don't get kills with your streak reward added to your streak), Zombie mode, split screen MP, etc.

Black Ops is actually going to be quite kick ass if you're an FPS fan, IMHO (And if you're not why do you care about it?).
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paintsville  +   1886d ago
I'm sure Treyarch will do a great job. Activision wouldn't have given it to them if they didn't think that Treyarch couldn't pull it off.
Blackpool  +   1886d ago
fuk dat
i will get disagrees.. but do u guys see how much shit thats gonna be in blackops its bound to lag and glitch with unlimited toy cars.. *cod fanboys* "but its treyarch" i don't care cod5 had problems too
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ico92  +   1886d ago
i've got those reason

2.Overly generous auto aim
3. Overpowered Famas and M16, seriously their like rail guns with unlimited range.
4.Ridiculous kill streaks
5. Did i mention the campers

im probably gonna end up buying it, just for the single player thou, im probably the only person in the world that's buying it for the single player
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FanboysWillHateMe  +   1886d ago
I think people are exaggerating the auto aim
You act like you don't have to touch anything and can still kill someone with the right trigger as soon as the gun shifts.

In my experience, it only moves very slightly if an enemy runs past your aiming sights and you're remaining static in the same place while your finger remains pressed on the left trigger (which is kinda like camping, which i consider a bitch move as well), and then it's all about your reflexes from there.

The enemy is constantly moving, and the auto aim just doesn't follow them left and right. If auto aim does help you and you're still aiming at the enemy after a second, that means they're not moving and deserve to get shot anyways.
ico92  +   1886d ago
people aren't over exaggerating because , MW2's auto aim is relatively generous in comparison to other FPS on the market like Killzone 2, BFBC2 and even Halo god i never thought i'd ever say that in a million years, but its not the fact that the auto aim is generous its also the fact that the weapons like the M4 are insanely overpowered imo
BloodyNapkin  +   1886d ago
Most people that whine about campers and guns being overpowered usually suck balls at said game. Ico92, what is your definition of a camper? I call a camper someone who is crouched down in a corner with a heartbeat sensor or shotgun. But someone controlling a central location is not a camper or defending a objective. But i bet you play on PS3, just saying.
Organization XII  +   1886d ago
auto aim is for noobs thats for sure, it kills the joy of the fps experience...
squallheart  +   1886d ago
thank you. Finally someone knows what camping is. I love it when im owning high levels in the hallways in mgo and they call me camping noob. Its called defending an objective. Either way i dont enjoy modern warfare as it plays like crap and any 8 year old can own in it.

bubbles for u bloodyn.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1885d ago
Crap example ico92 remember how terrible the auto-aim was in Killzone 2? As long as the enemy was withing 30% of the middle of the screen it quickly snapped onto them. It was like that for months.

In Halo 3 the auto aim is so obvious you can even see it in almost any youtube video.
nycredude  +   1886d ago
Umm because MW2 was better than MW1? Oh wait... nvm.
drewboy704  +   1886d ago
They took out commando and one man army so I'll give it a shot
Super_09  +   1886d ago
Auto aim can be turned off.
ico92  +   1886d ago
tell me, how many of the 10 million + cod buyers are gonna turn of the auto aim ?
Super_09  +   1886d ago
Well for the people that turn it off they have more control over their character. Making it easier for you to kill who you are aiming at. And the killstreaks a pretty balanced. You have to get all the kills with your gun in order to get said killstreak.
ddurand1  +   1886d ago
i find the auto aim as a disadvantage sometimes.
BenCrazy424  +   1886d ago
I agree with ddurand1. Sometimes when the people on the other team cross paths, the auto aim can follow the person you aren't trying to shoot and ends up getting you killed. I hope that there is no auto aim in the next game. Either way I am am buying it because everyone else I know is as well as gt5.
r1sh12  +   1886d ago
aim assist in MW2 cannot be turned off.
Kill streaks are cool because they can all easily be shot down.
Famas and M16 are not overpowered, it takes 1 full burst with stopping power to get a kill.
The UMP however is retarded, so are the machine pistols (M93 Raffica has the same damage as the famas and m16)...
MW2 is a terrible game which I have refused to play for the past 4 months.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1886d ago
There is no option to turn off auto aim. Unless it's on the PC versions, so i have no clue what the hell you're talking about.
Super_09  +   1886d ago
In Black Ops there is.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   1886d ago

Is this confirmed or something? I don't think anyone has played it yet.
Paralex  +   1886d ago
If you took auto assist off in multiplayer then you'd be missing most of your shots. On console games, you need it.
Crystallis  +   1886d ago
It seems Treyarch is trying to make Black ops more balanced as well as fix some of the annoying issues with MW2. Only time will tell though.
SandRazor  +   1886d ago
Going to get this as it looks like the customization, wager matches, balanced gameplay, co-op, online split-screen is a must buy for me.
Rrobba  +   1886d ago
I'm only buying this for mod tools, dedicated servers and Nazi Zombies...3 things that MW2 lacked!
Organization XII  +   1886d ago
It wont have dedicated servers on the pc, it was a scam... they actually lied about that, its going to be like p2p servers similar to the crappy mw2 type of online matches..
LoaMcLoa  +   1886d ago
Don't forget one of the best new features:
Splitscreen-online :3 I've always hated that you could always play 4 guys on the same screen but never been able to play on the net with them
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Fatal Blow  +   1886d ago
sorry but any thing is better then mw2 its the same crap like mw1 that's just my option tho i prefer mag,killzone 2 or halo reach then the same game with some new maps in mw2
NatureOfLogic  +   1886d ago
I can't wait for this game, I like the new wager mode(top 3 or no money)
HOSe  +   1886d ago
yup! same engine, same game - quick way for Activision to get a BILLION dollars of revenue... so sad i miss cod 1 / 2
Urmomlol  +   1886d ago
Because it's new.
danmachine  +   1886d ago
5 reasons why i don't care
1. COD hasnt been truly good since COD 4: modern warfare

2.The BLACK OPS DLC (which will consist only of maps) will be 1200 points to buy
3.it will be full of glitches, whiny teenagers, abusive 12 year racists campers.

4.i'm not buying it when there is far better innovative titles coming out.

5.bobby kotick has been acting likeprerez hilton recently and i don't want to give him a single penny.
Lazy_Gamer  +   1886d ago
Bobby Kotick as a reason counts as 5 aswell :)
Paralex  +   1886d ago
Time of the month, eh?
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Organization XII  +   1886d ago
well said man, you deserve a trophy..
SpitFireAce85  +   1886d ago
Well there is no way Treyarch can make a game worse then
MW2 which is arguable the worst CoD game in the franchise..

So far CoD:BO looks to be on the right track to be
one of the best CoD games.Also treyarch brought a lot of
new things to BlackOps: wager matches,Bot support,theater
mode,currency system,customize your soldier/emblem etc..

PS.And yes I know other games had some of those features but not all like BLK:OPS
DelbertGrady  +   1886d ago
I don't know why but I'm excited for this game, and especially the MP. Either it's because I've played BF BC 2 to bits and Halo: Reach's MP isn't my bag, or I've been hypnotized by Bobby Kotick. If you look him directly into the eyes you turn to stone.
MostJadedGamer  +   1886d ago
Combat Training Mode(something the article failed to even mentioned) is the Only reason I am giving the COD franchise another chance. Without it I would not even be touching Black Ops.
Organization XII  +   1886d ago
5 reasons why killzone3 will pwn them both
1-Made by Sony exclusively for the PS3 meaning better utilization of hardware..

2- 3D option...

3-better story and teams, people are sick of real war based games, helghast ruleee...

4-Better graphics and physics...

5-Sony actually care about their fans, unlike activision and IW who are for the sake of money only
(teyrach is still not as evil as IW and activision though)..
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ASSASSYN 36o  +   1886d ago
I will pass.
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