Yamauchi Impressed with ModNation Racer’s Track Editor

The father of the Gran Turismo game series discusses Sony’s most recent cartoon karting game, ModNation Racers.

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sinncross2972d ago

I love to see PD do a sequel to Omega Boost after GT5.

That said, I wonder if they'll patch the track editor to be more user friendly in Gt5. I'm under the impression that it works by calculation the parameters you set ad then designing something automatically.

Either way, GT5 would be awesome, and modnation is fun!

Red_Orange_Juice2972d ago

Naugty Dog did Uncharted track, now this. I like how Sony keeps it all together.

karl2972d ago

Kaz is not a developer.. He's a racer who just happens to build games

gtamike2972d ago

GT5 the king of all racers

vsr2971d ago

2 disagrees to your comment is either uneducated or brainwashed zombie.

DORMIN2972d ago

Kaz is the man.

I'm going to download his epic mod!

Rrobba2972d ago

Why is he saying this now, months after it was released?

N4GAddict2972d ago

Maybe he finally have time to play games?

N4GAddict2972d ago

ModNation Racer is very underrated

Elite_7372972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Yamauchi impressed with ModNations track editor, after receiving a fat wad of cash in his pocket.

I am prepared to receive over 9000 disagrees, along with a report for offensive material.

8-bit2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

You are looking for attention kid.. Don't you have a mom or a girlfriend?

Elite_7372972d ago

Just stating my opinion.

yewles12972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

You're not stating an opinion, you're stroking your high school ego by having fun at others. Pretty obvious...

zootang2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

You are going on as if people care about your opinion. Looking at your disagrees, you are mistaken.

When no one takes your opinion seriously I would question why? Because you talk rubbish/garbage?

Elite_7372972d ago Show
yewles12972d ago

"My comment wasn't out of some high school rebellion"

I didn't type that it was out some high school rebellion, I typed that you were a high school grade A-Hole carrying a poking stick. *gives up*

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GiantJedi2972d ago

Lol, I wouldn't be surprised if he did get paid but Mod nation is still awsome overall, not just the track creator.

Gambit072972d ago

The F are you even trying to say?

Theonik2972d ago

I wouldn't find it absurd. After all he does work for Sony. Probably some sort of cross-promotion. He could have liked the game anyway so it isn't something hard to ask him.

yewles12972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

He wouldn't need extra money, considering he's one of the chairmen at Sony corporate.

Theonik2972d ago

Well he's the CEO of PD not of SCE. Technically his higher ups can pressure him to do it for te good of the company or he could have done it for that reason on his own. Either way he definitely wasn't forced to appear. It's still business though. Otherwise why make a video?

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Fishy Fingers2972d ago

The track editor is brilliant, super easy and does everything that you could want. The only problem I have with the *loading.....* game is the *loading....* stupid *loading....* load times. Which of course get worse the more content you download.

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