Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare Teaser Week

Rockstar Games will be releasing media on the upcoming DLC Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption. Find out what Rockstar Games has already released here.

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Excalibur2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

Really!!! OMG!!!!

Just teasing, this aside from the free one, this is the only RDR pack I'm interested in.

rockleex2793d ago

Because the zombies are so slow. :P

JohnApocalypse2793d ago

Ditto. Every game is better when you add zombies to the mix

mfwahwah2793d ago

I STRONGLY disagree. Zombies are a tired trend. They're boring as shit.

murcielago42793d ago Show
KillerPwned2793d ago

..............Dicks lol I want this add on so bad. I don`t think i ever wanted to buy a add on this bad ever.

poopnscoop2793d ago

This is such a pointless article. An announcement about a trailer! OMFG!

Lirky2793d ago

I hope the zombies are medium paced ones and super slow ones. And i hope its zombiefied rather than epic fast deadly zombies.

2792d ago
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