NGA Gaming Podcast #22: AC2 Bloodline Demo, Secret Deadspace 2 beta, Playstation Move Giveaways

Co host – Tavion “IISanitariumII” Long ( (Twitter)
Co host – Darryl “BiglegendD” Washington ( (Twitter)
Co host – Soleb7891 ( (Twitter)

Special Guest – Herc08 ( (Twitter)

Show Notes:

Littlebigplanet2 delayed to January 2011

Assassins Creed 2 Bloodline Demo

MadCatz controllers don’t like Sony’s 3.50 update.

Halo games every year?

Playstation Move Giveaways & Win a copy of Halo Reach’s @DGU_cbribri89 loves Halo Reach so much she has a 100 foot poster in her gameroom.

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