Trapped Chilean Miners Not Allowed To Game

If there's an upside to spending months trapped in a mine in Chile, it's that you get a ton of time to play games. The rescue holes they dug in Chile are just wide enough to fit a Nintendo DS or PSP, and you'd have countless hours to while away while buried alive playing Chinatown Wars. Sadly, evil psychiatrists are taking that pleasure away from the poor miners. In an effort to keep the crew in the mine sane, professionals have denied requests for MP3 players and video game systems, because it is feel they are too isolating.

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Neckbear3001d ago

Oh, they must have gotten a PS3...

C'mon folks, don't get mad, just a joke.

Rrobba3001d ago

This is horrible. They should be allowed to have some fun whilst they are down there!

ZombieAutopsy3001d ago

Ha i'd start killing people demanding to get one then we'll see who the insane one is.