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Submitted by Bizzah 1961d ago | news

Sony sends PSP2 dev kits across the industry

Sony has handed PSP2 development kits to a number of key third party studios for a “significant launch window line-up”, Develop has heard.

Though it was claimed earlier in the year that developers were shown the device, Sony has since sent out dev kits to numerous development studios – both third-party and in-house. (PSP, Tech)

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SandWitch  +   1961d ago
Cool. We can now expect it to come out after about 6 - 12 months.
smoothdude  +   1961d ago
I think that Sony is going to have a hard time getting people excited about the PSP2 as it will be competing with iPad, 3DS, and Android phones. Unless Sony changes gears and targets a younger audience, I don't see this even coming close to 3DS.
Stealth20k  +   1961d ago
Only the 3ds is competition
LordMarius  +   1961d ago
we haven't even seen it's features. Jumping to conclusion much
CadDad  +   1961d ago
If it has backwards compatibility, access to PSN store games, online play, and support of Sony owned studios, it will be plenty my opinion of course. I don't see how they could leave any of that out, but I'm not Sony.

perfectCarbonara  +   1961d ago
Who games on an iPad ? I can't even hold it for more than 2 minutes because it gets too heavy.
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dosgrtr  +   1961d ago
don't care for the 3ds,psp2 is bound to have a killer first party support from Sony ,anyways nintendo first party ain't my taste so I'd gladly pick a new
god of war,resistance,killzone,motor storm,syphon filter and many more over mario,donkey kong,kid icarus etc.

oh and in terms of sales ,if psp2 sells even a single unit i hope that'd be mine
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ZombieAutopsy  +   1961d ago
Really smoothdude? I know PSP doesn't sell like the DS but since it's launch it has sold of 60 million units which is pretty good for their first handheld and you can expect the PSP2 to have better tech specs, 2 analogs (yay shooters), most likely apps similar to iphones, and more support if they get the hacking thing taken care of. Only thing i'm worried about is what they are going to price it at because I expect it to be a beast.
Blaster_Master  +   1961d ago
no way dude, the whole reason why I haven't signed a contract with a phone company is cause Ive been waiting to find out who are gonna support the psp2 just in in case it ends up being a phone. I was gonna get the HTC Evo but man I really want that psp2 instead.
bjornbear  +   1961d ago
ipad and android phones aren't handheld consoles.
I see what you mean, but i doubt they'll be competing for that market.

i'd say 3DS is their biggest competition

I'm hoping for a lower price point than 3DS + more powerful hardware.

I don't know, it HAS to be more powerful than the 3DS graphically...otherwise it will be DOA =/
smoothdude  +   1961d ago
Yeah, I am serious. I mean I have two PSPs and one DS, and I can honestly say that I play my PSP 100 times more than my DS, however, I really don't do hand-held games much anymore.

I mean my logic was would I rather play God of War on my PSP or PS3? I would much rather play on my PS3, and since I have a phone that plays games that has taken the place of my psp. Just my opinion, but I do want to see what they are going to do to make the psp2 stand out.

Also Nvidia has already stated that it is making graphic chip sets for cell phones, and at the rate that phones are coming out, gaming might be feasible on a cell. I mean Droid X already has HDMI out!!!
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JackBNimble  +   1961d ago
PSP3D anyone? .... just a thought since sony wants the 3d market.
ThanatosDMC  +   1961d ago
Ipad?! You serious???

I hope there's a Monster Hunter game on release. I'd charge my credit card day one. Then cry over it the next week when i cant eat properly.
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lonix  +   1961d ago
iPad is crap
For games
hikayu  +   1960d ago

you clearly have no idea wat u r talking about .

first , if rumor were to be believed , google and sony will team up against the iphone-ipad . android have yet to have a platform in the gaming business , sony Erricson have been making good phone for android but struggling to break in the US market , i dont see how these 2 would not team up with the fairly well sold PSP to make a killer device that is the best of 3 worlds .

2nd , the nintendo franchise have been in the heart of the younger audience for generations . targeting nintendo's home base is suicidal , every1 knows that . apple just got lucky with their ipod touch and iphone , they clearly had no intention in braking in the gaming business . only when these games start making big bucks did apple change its mind about gaming and start putting in real GPU and good screen .

3rd , if any rumor were to be believed , again , the 3DS would be using a much more powerful , but only coming up slightly more powerful than the psp . graphic wasnt nintendo's department at the clear beginning . they saw how successful the wii was even with its inferior hardware , and how much of a failure the gamecube and N64 was even with their superior hardware . they learned their lesson . 3D is their big gun , and they're not just show casing it .

4th , sony has staggering amount of 3rd dev support too . 1st party alone , sony has incredible support for its platform . rockstar , for once , will be onboard with the psp2 as its specially developed GTA chinatown war failed big time on the DS , they're not trying it again anytime soon .

it's going to be a tough fight for the psp , yes . battling apple's 60 mill strong units and nintendo's giant 3DS . but the ground the psp2 standing on is pretty solid too . it's a fight worthwhile to watch .

sorry for the rant . somebody gotta school him XD .
sikbeta  +   1960d ago
lol @ Ipad... that's a gaming device for you? Pleeeaasssee.....the only competition is the 3DS....


WOOHOO!!! I need more info, please!!! PSP2 FTFW!!!
N4g_null  +   1960d ago
Hikayu did you see the games coming to the 3ds. Every one has the kit. Sure you may be addicted to Sony 1st party games but seriously those games need the big screen other wise they are horrible gameplay wise.

The thrid parties will make the 3ds rock and you guys know it. Also most third parties know why the 3ds sold piracy emulation and porn. Smart phones do all of that ok minus the controller.

I think you guys are going to be suprised at the psp2 when you see it.
Caffo01  +   1960d ago
@ Scissor_runner
Horrible gameplay wise?

there's a troll here!
Stealth20k  +   1961d ago
Its just dev kits...its probable a year from release
8-bit  +   1961d ago
Yeah, if the devs are just now getting kits then for it to have some great launch titles they must be about a year away. Unless Sony has first party studios that have had them first.
Stealth20k  +   1961d ago
I cant be excited because theres still over 10 amazing psp localizations coming

5 square games......legend of heroes vi trilogy, valkyria chronicles 3
Mini Mario  +   1960d ago
"as its specially developed GTA chinatown war failed big time on the DS , they're not trying it again anytime soon . "

I thought the Chinatown wars eventually got released on the PSP anyway>? How did it sell on that platform.
vsr  +   1960d ago
It should be
1. Second analog stick (every psp/non psp owners wish)
2. Cross platform compatibility with Ps3, and future compatibility with PS4 is appreciated. at least to unlock some items.
3. virtual 3d screen like 3DS and touch screen.
4. Best selection of games.

If all these are fulfilled, It will win like PS,PS2; otherwise fail.
silvacrest  +   1960d ago
i could do without a 3D screen to be honest and "best selection of games" is to vague and subjective, diverse selection of games probably be better

i agree with the rest of your list though
Brklynty1  +   1961d ago
Well i hope PSP2 vets as much third party support as 3DS is getting.
No doubt PSP2 is going to be a handheld beast, now all it needs is the games. The 1st party is going to be there, id love to see an uncharted, infamous, etc portables, but hopefully 3rd part is there. But now im torn was gonna pick up my first psp when ghost of sparta drops and get games like cris core, birth by sleep, etc but with the rumors flying high i dont know what to do. Should i still go ahead with the PSP-3000?
mastemikegee  +   1961d ago
would you rather wait another year? possibly more?
darkcharizard  +   1961d ago
Not before 12 months in all regions... too late, imo
3DS will have dominated the handheld market by then.
f789790  +   1960d ago
Just like the 360 dominated the console market and killed the ps3. Oh wait...
pain777pas  +   1961d ago
Looks like Sony does not mind competing with Nintendo since they are saying nothing on the PSP2 front with the "3Declaration" in a couple days. I'm really excited for both right now because I am comfortable in saying that Nintendo has earned my money on this one and I love Sony tech so PSP2 day one aswell.
1Victor  +   1961d ago
Damn you Sony
just when I was about to cut my hair came out this news, calling the barber to tell him it'll be a wile for him to see me again.
afro here I go.
JLeVRT  +   1960d ago
It should be here next year. If it has PS2 B/C... it's gonna pwn
Alvadr  +   1960d ago
More like 12-18 months. I bet it comes out Spring 12 but im sure they would want it to come out for xmas
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vhero  +   1960d ago
3DS won't be competition just like DS wasn't competition for PSP as they have a differn't audience. Some might disagree but the DS just like the wii was aimed at a younger audience. I mean you had older generation games on it but they didn't sell too well. The PSP is aimed at an older range. We shall see though... If it plays PS2 back cat like PSP did with PS1 games it will kick ass.
N4g_null  +   1960d ago
Yeah that's why more adults own a ds huh? That also why we got a real contra and ninja gaiden. That's also why this handheld is getting xbox and ps exclusives? Right it's for kids.

Nope it's for every one even gadget freaks. Sony better get a huge line up ready other wise they will have a lame waiting game launch. Potiential is what they will try to sell again.
Caffo01  +   1960d ago
"That also why WE got a real contra and ninja gaiden"

you'r simply defending your favorite handheld and company..but you're getting caught every time you try to..biased!
frostyhat123  +   1961d ago
Now they can start making games.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1961d ago
I wonder what the new PSP will look like?
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1961d ago
it will most likely have a touch screen and ridiculous next-gen hand-held graphics and of course a second analog stick, that i think we can all agree on at least. I just hope they give us a better web browser.


the 10-year plan will continue. just because they release a console, doesnt mean they have to kill their other source of income. just look at the PS2.

expect the same to happen with the PS3 when the PS4 ever comes out.

it has to be a foward thinking console as well.

for example, because of the lack of ram, sony is most likely having trouble on bringing services like cross-game chat and in-game custom music to all games. they truly have to think about the future this time with the PSP and of course for the Devs. it all comes back to that stinkin web browser the PSP has as well. i dont want to log in on the go on my device telling me that theres not enough ram to run a web page.
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SandWitch  +   1961d ago
That's what I'm looking forward to see mostly. How it will look. Sure the specs also interests me but I believe that Sony will make it superior.
Zinc  +   1961d ago
Cool. Looking forward to seeing what they have to offer the marketplace, much like I am looking forward to the 3DS.
TheColbertinator  +   1961d ago
Please have a 2nd analog stick.Please :(
Galaxia  +   1961d ago
If it doesn't have dual analog sticks it will fail, like every other handheld in history. Recite sales figures all you want but they still don't have anything on a console or PC's.

If it has dual analog sticks I will be so happy though, I will finally buy a handheld for myself instead of just borrowing them off of friends every time a good games comes out for them.
ReBurn  +   1960d ago
Every other handheld in history failed because they didn't have dual analog sticks? Funny how I never would have considered the GameBoy and DS handheld lines failures.
pain777pas  +   1961d ago
PSP2 should have storage, second analog and a touch screen for sure. I just need to know what more it is going to do. Sony knows the complaints and they will address most if not all. The question is what is going to make us carry it in our pockets at all times. 3DS might be able to hang out with your cell. If PSP2 has the capability of having a phone service they may win some new customers and try to legitimately compete with the 3DS.
Neckbear  +   1961d ago
Oh boy...
What happenned to that "10 Year Plan", Sony?
ZombieAutopsy  +   1961d ago
They usually release a new console about 6 years in but still support the previous one...they are still supporting ps2 after all (not much but they do).
pain777pas  +   1961d ago
64 million are out there. That is enough for some small studios to focus there attn there and get some sales. PSP2 I would love for it to be pretty much the go with cartridge based games 64plus gig storage with micro sd slot for extra storage. Dual analog, touch screen and able to be with any phone service provider out the box. I would buy that. AND it will do any thing that the PSP currently can do video and audio wise with PSN, FAST internet browser. trophies etc...
Mini Mario  +   1960d ago
"they are still supporting ps2 after all (not much but they do). "

More like flogging a dead horse. You call that support? Let the horse die with dignity.
madjedi  +   1960d ago
@minimario you know some of the lower income countries, ps2 are new to the market and alot cheaper than the ps3.

So yeah how brilliant, kill off a source of profit, do i really have to put a sarcasm tag to show how stupid an idea this is?
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Mini Mario  +   1960d ago
"@minimario you know some of the lower income countries, ps2 are new to the market and alot cheaper than the ps3.

So yeah how brilliant, kill off a source of profit, do i really have to put a sarcasm tag to show how stupid an idea this is? "

So why not sell them psOne's, wouldnt that be even cheaper in that way of thinking? Keep producing psOnes the way brazil still produced master systems for years and years. Well into the "3D" era.

Besides that for the rest of us why not keep the B/C in the ps3's so we can still keep playing ps2 games in the first place. It has a huge catalog. Why keep selling the machines in developed countries when they could make all ps3's B/C. Sure the first ps3's were B/C (n the US) but they arent now and have never been here in Australia.

We payed the same $800 price tag when launced (the exact same time as the US) and never got B/C...but they sure as hell kept selling the ps2's. Why should we have to buy another console that they keep selling (which really was my point..for us the developed world) when the ps3 is more than capable of using both.

Is that fair??

When the Ds came out nintendo made it so you could keep playing Gameboy Advanced games and DS games on the same machine. The same with the wii and the gamecube. I mean unless the ps2 is getting some seriously good AAA titles why would they keep selling in countries that have moved on?? Tell me and im not talking about 3rd world countries im talking about the big hitters that dont need it anymore.
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ZombieAutopsy  +   1960d ago
I did say that they don't support it much, but little support is better than none.

You pretty much answered your own question, the reason they keep selling Ps2's is because there is a huge catalog of games to play on them and they are still releasing games for it, not everyone wants to drop over $200 on a game console and don't mind not having HD graphics. Occasionally I bust out my Ps2 to play some classics and have bought a couple games in the past year for it.

and you wrote "When the Ds came out nintendo made it so you could keep playing Gameboy Advanced games and DS games on the same machine."

You do know you can't play GB Advanced games on the newer DS models right kinda like newer Ps3 models so if you want a BC one there is Amazon and Ebay. Yea it doesn't seem right that they would take out BC on ps3's but everyone complained about the price so they did what they had to so it wouldn't cost so much, besides if you really want to play Ps2 games that bad you can get a Ps2 for under $100 easy.
#6.1.5 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Mini Mario  +   1960d ago
"You do know you can't play GB Advanced games on the newer DS models right"

Right but it took years to stop it. The XL series didnt support it. But the LITE's and Phat's did. How long did it take sony to stop its B/C ??

"Ps2's is because there is a huge catalog of games to play on them and they are still releasing games for it, not everyone wants to drop over $200 on a game console and don't mind not having HD graphics."

Thats the whole point why keep selling a console that could be easily intergrated into the ps3? You said they took out the ps2 tech to make it cheaper, heads up because in Australia where i live we have never had taht option and still paid full price (more than what the US pays). How did that make it cheaper?? Maybe where u live. Plus im sure it still would be cheaper than buying an old ps2 AGAIN.

Wheres my support from sony ? I still have a big catalog of ps2 games that i would love to play on my ps3, but i have only a certain amount of room with my HD tv for my xbox and wii and stereo and ps3. Why should i buy another ps2 when i have my ps3 sitting there that could potentially have that B/C.

"not everyone wants to drop over $200 on a game console and don't mind not having HD graphics."

Sony were the ones that said people had to work overtime to buy there machine. Why not make a more affordable machine in the 1st place. Even the xbox has an arcade model cheaper than the wii.

And on top of that the people on this site make out there are no casual gamers on sony's machines to begin with (the ones not intereted in HD). Apparently only the hardcore plays on the sony brand (again not my logic but the logic of many posters on this site).

"besides if you really want to play Ps2 games that bad you can get a Ps2 for under $100 easy. "

Why? When they obviously can if they wanted to have it in the ps3. As they once did. Surely hardware has come down in price, surely since they are so supportive they can find a way. Looking out for us gamers.
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ZombieAutopsi  +   1960d ago
Dood your kinda nitpicking at it, yea sure that stuff applys to YOU but since the Ps2 has sold over 1.5 million units this year (its 10th year i believe) others obviously want it and see a reason to purchase it.

Also you don't know if they could easily integrate the ability to play ps2 games, most likely a majority of the games would have to be emulated individually which Sony isn't gonna do as it's not cost effective and I doubt the devs/pubs of those games will do it either.

Yea it sucks for Aussies that you got screwed it really does but most people in that situation would of just held on to their ps2 to play games for you know...the ps2.

I don't know it seems like you just kinda have a problem with Sony still supporting a console 140million people own, which no matter how you spin it can't be a bad thing for the masses...maybe to the individual like you but to most people I'm sure they see it as a good thing and why would a company stop selling something that sells and makes them money.
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Mini Mario  +   1959d ago
"Dood your kinda nitpicking at it, "

Not really because all my original comment said basically was that its time to move on. Like i said, anything will still sell if its still there, hell why not re release the NES in that case. Mega man 9 was pretty good, bring em all back and make new content.

All im saying is there are no good new games for it. Let it go out with some dignity its been ten years. Flogging a dead horse.

"but most people in that situation would of just held on to their ps2 to play games for you know...the ps2. "

But it did have it, they took it out like you said ONLY because of the price. My ps2 ran all my psONE games (different console yes different hardware). The point is they took it out to keep the price low but why have it in the first place.

I thought i would be able to play my back catalog intially no drama. Becasue thats the support they were to give. And thats no nit picking, thats getting ripped.

"I don't know it seems like you just kinda have a problem with Sony still supporting a console 140million people own,"

There not supporting 140 million. They already have the console. They're arent bringing out any new good games. That's the point, it should be the end of the life cycle. Selling a ten year old console without any new good games is not supporting...its "Milking". Big difference.

When the snes died one of there last games was chrono trigger! By square. Now that's support. Some of the best NES games were some of the last ones before they took it of the market too. (kirby for example..and it was new).

Anyway im bubbled out. I made my point, which was basically - let the console die an honourable death..and stop milikng a cow that's out of milk (as in no games). I also understand that the ps3 hasnt done too well in sales as they would of hoped (good...but not great) so that could be a reason why but i dont care that much i just like to explain my reasoning incase you get the wrong idea because We really got screwed with the ps3 here in Aus, sorry but thats just fact.
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Trroy  +   1961d ago
If it has PSP BC, the PSP will likely continue to thrive via 3DS ports for some time to come.
RedPawn  +   1960d ago
Console not handheld.

Hey if I can wait for a 3DS, I sure as HELL can wait for a PSP2.
vhero  +   1960d ago
10 year plan for consoles.. Plus who says they dropping PSP1? They carried on supporting PS1 still way after PS2 and PS2 is still supported today!
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DrillaKid  +   1961d ago
I have a feeling that many unnanounced or rumoured PS3 exclusives are actually PSP2 games like Guerrilla's new IP and Kojima's game. Sony learned from the PS3 launch that a strong launch line up is crucial and with the 3DS looking hot from day 1 Sony cant mess this up. Just hope it's got two analogue sticks.
Hideo_Kojima  +   1961d ago
Killzone Liberation 2?
Could be cool I didn't play the first Liberation but I heard GG did a great job with it.
raztad  +   1961d ago
Totally. Liberation is one of the best games on PSP. In fact I think GG nailed it with the isometric camera they used for Liberation. That is the right way to make a game TPS for the PSP. Play it if you can.
Eric Cartman  +   1961d ago
You can tell that the guys at Sony aren't very good at reading the market as many of the games that are being released for the PSP now could have been PSP2 launch titles with mega buzz and hype going for them.

PSP has a ridiculous amount of quality titles but most of them never did that well commercially.

I fear Sony will make the same mistakes they did with the PSP, PS3 and Go again.

I think there are only a few ways for a new Sony handheld to be a success and that is either by making it a phone or implementing all the 3DS features or at least similar features that make porting games from 3DS easier.
raztad  +   1961d ago
Currently most new games on PSP are from Japanese devels. PSP is going very strong in Japan and every game released out there is a successful commercial product. It is western-side were PSP is almost dead, but you dont see many developers doing anything on the platform either.

I think the PSP still has some life in it. Just for starters, the handheld is a little pricey, a $120 price will do wonders. I'm guessing that price cut will come around the 3DS launch.
zetsuei1  +   1961d ago
What Sony have to keep in mind is that
Its not only about PURE-OWNAGE-HORSE-POWER but also innovation. A second built-in cam for GAME purpouses like taking a picture to solve a game as Hotel Dusk Room 215 would be fuckin great, as it will also give tons of possibilities.

The handheld has to have at least 12 core and it aint that difficult, 3DS has similar power to XBOX 360/Wii/PS3. Nintendo portables always lack power that much said 3DS must be cheap-ass to produce so aiming more high at the specs must be really easy for Sony.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1961d ago
"3DS has similar power to XBOX 360/Wii/PS3"

Ummm no it doesn't, the 3DS is more powerful than the Wii,PS2,GC & XBOX but not the 360 and PS3.

The PS3 has a Cell processor with flippin 8 SPU's, put that in a handheld device and it would explode in your face.
jerethdagryphon  +   1961d ago
3ds should have at most a 1ghz -1.5 ghz cpu and a decent graphics chip probobly arm based

that said amd next netbook chip is a 1.6 duelcore with an integrated 5xxx series graphics core
psp2 could integrate something like that

i think the chip im refering to is codenamed bobcat
ExcelKnight  +   1961d ago
Here's hoping the PSP2 can do next-to or at-PS3 levels of quality. Imagine playing PS3 PSN games on handhelds...

madjedi  +   1960d ago
@zetsuei Wow lmao, if this isn't a joke post, this is hilariously sad. I'll add if it ran as fast as a ps3/360, assuming the heat issue magically disappeared, if the battery could even start the system it wouldn't last long at all.

The psp2 will probably have graphics between late ps2 games to launch ps3 games, albeit with some of the effects toned down.
#8.2 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
maniac76  +   1961d ago
like we didnt know it was coming,but its good to know that it is now. cant wait.i assume it will be more powerful than 3ds,but 3ds seems to be having better graphics than the current blocky pixelated mess it has now in its 3d games.

all good news for both platforms,looks like its gonna be an expensive new year next year,cant wait
Titanz  +   1961d ago
Seriously guys....
"Graphics" isn't everything-- Don't believe the hype!(Graphics and Gameplay are great together, but I'd choose Gameplay over graphics every time).
Apotheosize  +   1961d ago
Its still a handheld so it can only go so far, i dont think you have anything to worry about
tenmohican  +   1961d ago
would be nice if it tried compete with the iphone
then maybe they would get some tilt controls and support for free apps. I really dont understand why sony doesnt praise all the efforts of the homebrew community because they push some really needed features, even before sony put them on the psp. Things like gps, utilities and organizers that would typically be on a pda phone device would be perfect on a psp, er psp2.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1961d ago
If the PSP2 comes with a uncharted launch game, which seems very very possible given the uncharted screen for PSP1 never materializing into anything then this is a must buy for me. Love that series.
GoldPS3  +   1961d ago
I just want a touch screen and replace the UMD with something else. It don't need to be a phone or have 3D. Anyway I know the PSP2 will be great. I can't wait to see how it looks.
SandRazor  +   1961d ago
I loved the PSP and I can't wait for the PSP2
Touch Screen, 2nd Analog Stick, Awesome Games, and Super-HD Graphics are what I want. And putting an Uncharted game on the PSP2 will make it sell A LOT.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1961d ago
Should i wait or get the GoW PSP bundle?!?!?!?!
The DS lite should keep me satisfied on the go until summer next year when the PSP 2 likely releases. I just dont want to buy a dying console.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1961d ago
Id say wait but if you really really want it what difference does it make?
gamingisnotacrime  +   1961d ago
Money my friend
I have a PS3 and a DS lite right now, so my gaming needs are satisfied on the house and on the road.
Use $200 for a dying console or be patient and save fro the PSP 2 on launch day? oh yeah PSP2 for the win lol
Fatal Blow  +   1961d ago
I will be getting this day one like i did with psp and i will be getting the 3ds day one to like i did with dsi xl i just love games
Kran  +   1961d ago
wait a psp2? when was this announced?

Mind you, i am a 360 Boxer :P
craddock  +   1961d ago
I think they need to make a huge leap for PSP2 to be succesful. Instead of developing games for psp2, Sony should build one huge engine (kind of like LBP2) and each person can develope games, download other peoples games ect.

If sony doesnt do anything huge like that, I doubt PSP2 will succeed in sales.
yuanfeng61   1960d ago | Spam
NYC_Gamer  +   1960d ago
i hope they add two analogs
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1960d ago
It seems like Sony is gearing up big time. I can't wait for the PSP2. I'd even buy a PSP Phone. I just hope PSP2 has some of the features that made the PSP Go so cool. I will definitely buy on day one.
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Argento-Nox  +   1960d ago
Seeing as Sony and Google are collaborating on Google TV for Sony Bravia TV's, I'm expecting android 3.0 OS on either the future line of Sony Ericsson phones or the PSP2. No doubt the PSP2 will have 2 analog stick since gamers have complained about it since the PSP launch, plus the 3DS seems to have 2 analog like sticks.
TVippy  +   1960d ago
We want see these games for a long time, anyway...
silvacrest  +   1960d ago
good news but....
i was hoping to get a PSP2 sooner, now it look like i will be waiting a year if not longer
Rahim92  +   1960d ago
PSP 2 with Uncharted as a launch title will blow everyone away. The graphics will probably be equal to late gen PS2 games for e.g. God of war 2 or better.
#25 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
thehitman  +   1960d ago
I know
People will ask for a huge list of amazing features and stuff but I wouldnt hold my breath with the PSP2 because with features brings more cost and ppl will rage at the fact Sony will debut it at like 399 even though it maybe worth every penny.
silvacrest  +   1960d ago
if the features are mostly software based the price could stay lower and even stuff like wifi/GPS/3G/bluetooth are pretty cheap now and can be found in sub £100 phones/devices
earbus  +   1960d ago
Well psp 1 might go down finally its 250 bux in aust i cant justify that for phone or handheld id like one but wow thats expensive.
matey  +   1960d ago
psp2 will be a iphone type device sony have give up competing with ninty they have more a less said this and 3ds specs are not final plus capcom say the cpu is major powerful and gives them more freedom than ever infact every developer has said the 3DS is very if not very very powerful and devs are only saying the psp2 is pretty powerful and i bet the psp2 has HD resolution the 3DS has 2 images overlapping this effectivly gets rid of 90% of jaggies as opposed to a flat 3d screen like psp2 plus 3DS does 4xAA/Motion blur/colour correction ect all that stuff alot of console games use nintendo's gamers games are Mario/Wave race/F-Zero/Star Fox/Kid icurus/Pikimin/Zelda/Metroid Prime ect and i for sure want to see these games in 3D/HD with graphics as good as CGI which i think the wii2 will be heading going off 3DS
SteveSmith  +   1960d ago
I think it's cool that a PSP2 is released, but here some suggestions to Sony :
-Don't make it expensive!
-Don't put tons of useless features that drive the price up and focus on gaming features

I mean, if the thing is released with a price of over 300$, then I am afraid it will flop.
supremacy  +   1960d ago
All the psp2 needs..
Is two nubs, the ability to downliad pspone titles on to your psp2, a nice size HDD, powerful enough to run psn feat for feat so that proper cross platform masseging/communications can be possible.

Trophies, support for background music, voice masseges ect.

Touch screen for browsing and all that. A silde machine with a nice size screen.
TheLastGuardian  +   1960d ago
Downliad? I don't want to pay for my games again. Hopefully, if PSP2 uses a different format (I'm hoping for discs the size of gamecube games) then there will be an option to transfer your game from umd to your psp2. I'm not thinking about getting rid of my PSP anyway.
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