Enslaved video shows behind the game

Namco’s released a new video of Enslaved, showing some more of the behind the scenes stuff for the game. Get it after the break.

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Sukebe_Gamer2948d ago

Looks interestig. Very talented studio, despite what they did to Dante.

Game-ur2948d ago

Unfortunately their talent is for graphics and cinematics only, they struggle with gameplay.

paintsville2948d ago

Enslaved is looking pretty impressive. I'm not sure about the struggling part? I've also played both the ps3 and 360 demos and have to say that they both play equally well with realling impressive graphics during cinematics and gameplay.

gunnerforlife2948d ago

but thats good thought aint it? as much as i hate em for what they done to dante, i really want DMC5 to have a good story like number 3 or number 1.

Game-ur2947d ago

I'm renting the game just for the story. If they Improved on the gameplay from Heavenly Sword (great game in my book) this would have been a must buy.

For DMC I wish they would get experts from capcom to implement the combat engine, because I don’t think they can handle it. And changing the character design goes without saying.