Battle of The Launch Ads: Move Vs. Kinect

This week Microsoft revealed the first TV spot for their upcoming motion-based camera peripheral, Kinect. Many individuals in the industry are noting the similarities between Kinect’s launch advertisement and the commercials for the Wii Fit. Despite the similarities, the Wii is doing well on it’s own, and is not directly part of this battle; but the PlayStation Move, on the other hand, is. We thought it might be a neat idea to put the Move and Kinect launch trailers side-by-side, to see just who came out of the gate stronger advertising-wise.

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NJShadow3001d ago

Hilarious comparison, although a good point is made in the article regarding gameplay time shown. Interesting...

8-bit3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Kinect ads show almost no gameplay at all. They are trying to sell Kinect on the idea alone since they don't seem to have the software to back it up.

Also, I play move from my couch. I couldn't imagine having to stand and flail my entire body around for more than 20 minutes without getting exhausted and bored.

Brewski0073001d ago

I'll get neither as i like my controller , but if i had to say which one is more appealing to the Gamer market, i'd say Move is. Mainly because as gamers , we're a core group of peopl who want to play a console to unwind and relax, not jump around like idiots.

doctorstrange3001d ago

I game because I'm too lazy to go out and play football.

user94220773001d ago

Move wins. Why? Because it doesn't make the people in it look utterly ridiculous.

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El_Colombiano3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

That, and Move is a better way to play games.

YoshiMeetsU3001d ago

For you. A controller is the best way to play games.

Where did you pick up your Kinect so early? Oh wait, yeah..

bustamove3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

You seem to be attacking everyone who dare criticizes Kinect. Did you get your copy yet? No. People are questioning the hardware. Get over it.

plb3001d ago

The kinect ads are just horrible imo. I hope MS has something better. Literally 2 seconds of gameplay.

sackgirl3001d ago

What do you do with the coffee table?

Omega43001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Those kinect ads AREN'T the launch ads they are teaser ads, like the Halo:Reach birth of a spartan ads. The true launch ads will show game names, more gameplay, price and bundles.

This is just MS building up awareness.

Stating facts isn't exactly hard to do.

Why just show gameplay which everyone has already seen? When MS makes its ads they are iconic and remembered, and people are always in awe at how epic they are. Thats what and ad is suppose to do, get you talking about it and remember it. Which is why all the games MS advertise like that sell like crazy.

El_Colombiano3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Again, I must ask. Why do you try so hard? I'm casually reading these articles on N4G and whenever I see your green avatar, it's always you trying to spin or protect anything anti 360.

The "teasers"/commercial s for Kinect are really bad. That's it. Nothing else. Stop wasting your time.

number473001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Yoshi, the game that raised the bar for console visuals & had the Realtime-Downloadable commercial on PSN? Winner of several GDC and developer awards for its second to none technology? That one or...

way to shoot yourself in the foot.

Sony talked the talk, and redefined console fps visuals along with their claims. Microsoft cant/will never do it.

All MS's commercials are cgi with nothing to do with gameplay. Halo3 showed more old men crying, than gameplay.

Godmars2903001d ago

Name one MS/360 ad that's ever focused on the game or game footage. Only one I can think of was FFXIII and even that was cutscenes.

newhumanbreed3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

You gotta admit that the ads are amazing. I bought Gears of War back when it came out because I was amazed at the commercial.

YoshiMeetsU3001d ago

OMG they all do this.. You got some nerve calling out MS when the biggest CGI sham in the history of gaming was done by the very company you shill for here constantly..

I don't even have to name the game and you know what I'm talking about.

Godmars2903001d ago

Yeah, you actually have to name the game.

Better yet, put up the Youtube link, and I'll give you a bubble. Vote for Bubble+ anyway.

The Maxx3000d ago

Killzone 2 comes to mind.

Godmars2903000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

You mean the one that started off as target render at an E3 show with final in-game that exceeded criticisms then used in-game game-engine footage for nation commercials?

Not even close. The exact opposite of anything MS's ever done. A selling of product by selling the product, not the ideal of the product.

The Maxx2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Was there a 2nd version of Killzone 2 released? Because the Killzone 2 that was released that I own did NOT surpass the target render from E3. The target render that was promoted as GAMEPLAY footage.

Sorry Godmars290 but your Sony goggles are on a little too tight.

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Unicron3001d ago

Yeah... *giggles* Why show GAMEPLAY for a videogame? That's just silly guys. /s

divideby03001d ago

"why show gameplay which everyone has already seen"

yep and thats the death kneel so far with Kinect.... we have just seen a bunch of crap shovelware.

not having Fable launch this year with Kinect.. just shows you how long its gonna take to play REAL games with it.. Not saying it eventually wont be very good... Its just so obvious MS is rushing out another launch project well before its time...

SpitFireAce853001d ago

Omega4 just stop man your to funny might as well go
and take Kevin Butlers job...

Imperator3001d ago

Omega always cracks me up. His delusion and complete love of MS is just hilarious! :D

Blackpool3001d ago

i mean this dude like gets but hurt wen kinect gets criticizes..

Blackpool3001d ago

"When MS makes its ads they are iconic and remembered, and people are always in awe at how epic they are" YEAA DATS RIGHT SUCK 360'S DICK FUKING FAG u must know everything.. lmao

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