10 Reasons PC Gaming Will Not Die

NowGamer discuss PC gaming, giving ten reasons why gaming on a computer will never die...

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tacosRcool2974d ago

Finally something that doesn't dis the PC. As long as we all use computers, then PC gaming will never die

8800gtx2974d ago

Superior technology always prevails.


tacosRcool2974d ago

Hardware light years ahead of consoles. When the next generation of consoles come out DX 12 will be out with all the goodies to go along with it.

Well not caring for Nvidia too much ATI err I mean AMD will release its 6000 series at the end of the year and that will be the bomb! DX 11 playing all games at 1080p+ resolutions at 60 fps on 6 monitors! Take that consoles!

Rrobba2974d ago

Yea, STEAM, MMO's, RTS's, mod tools and the fact that everyone has a PC are 5 main reasons why PC gaming will never die.

Substance1012974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Imagine the fireworks when consoles restart from 0 next gen and steam alone is over 50million base(add in rest of the DD network and we might be over 100million by the time next gen consoles role out). PC will steal the limelight, Fat cheques from Sony or Micro may fall short.

Substance1012974d ago

Steam alone had about 3 million people online at the same time this sunday. Its been growing at a mind boggling pace, earlier this year it would be lucky to see 2.5million ppl on at peak times on sunday.

Steam numbers alone are rivaling XBL.

Letros2974d ago

Last year I recall steam only having about 2 million concurrent users, Steam is growing like a plague.

JackBNimble2974d ago

and steam is only a fraction of pc gamers.

Feckles2974d ago

Console gaming owes much to innovations made on PC.

Let's hope it never dies.

fastrez2974d ago

It's an entirely positive message too, none of this argumentative crap you sometimes see when people staunchly defend their console of choice.

More of this please.

Bounkass2974d ago

I lol'd. Why did they even make a list like this? Exactly, because it's dying... it's not about grhipcs and rules. It's about the money for developers...

hoops2974d ago

And the billions PC games made in the last year means its dying? LOL
Ya I guess I will continue to play games in HD at 60+fps @1080p on 3 monitors
looking better then those PS3 and Xbox360 games...But's dying.....

Bounkass2974d ago

You name one source that has a list of over 1 billion games. Excluding expansions. 1 billion 1 would be enough.

JackBNimble2974d ago

"And the billions PC games made in the last year means its dying?"

Read that over and over again and tell me hoops said 1 billion games.
That statement refers to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ not billions of games.... lol.

Matthew942974d ago

yeah because starcraft 2 made a huge loss... ...

Pandamobile2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Yeah? Every copy of a game sold through Steam sometimes translates into 4-5x more money for the developer than a game sold at retail.

So take a game like Bad Company 2, sold consistently well across all three platforms, about 1.5-2 million units per platform.

A $60 game sold at retail translates to about $18-20 for the publisher when all is said and done.

A $50 game sold on Steam translates into $35 for the publisher because there's no middle men taking a cut, or cost of goods to cover.

Now let's say that a million of the approx. two million PC units of the BFBC2 PC sales were through Steam. That's $35,000,000 in revenue from Steam sales alone.

If you think PC games aren't profitable, you're just ignorant.

imvix2974d ago

agreed, though million would equal to 50%. DD is now estimated to be atleast 80%. In which case i would think its a far better deal then what consoles can do, specially with all those savings for the publisher.

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