MyInsideGamer Review | NHL 11

Keeping a game franchise fresh is one of the trickiest things a developer has to do. When you have an annual series like NHL, then it’s a lot harder. Introducing too many new features will be an overkill and not changing enough will make the game repetitive and too similar to the last. So, how do you get on that magical line?

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simplesteve2974d ago

is it really that great in the scheme of sporting franchises though? i remain unconvinced, but then what do i know, i don't even like ice hockey...

jinofthesheep2974d ago

EA commonly spread their pioneering elements amongst its many franchises, but it was telling that the Be A Pro was first in the NHL series. with only twelve people on the ice at any one time the individual is far more prominant. but then if you don't like ice hockey then you probably won't like the game!

simplesteve2974d ago

i don't like it cause noone ever knows what the f**k is goin on! commentators are rambling about somethin then they score out of the blue!! at least footy has progression and pressure. hell even basketball is watchable!!