Pop Quiz! How awesome is the music of Dragon Quest?

Composers, much like any other musician, often create a very identifiable sound that follows them throughout their career. Be it the Celtic influences that accompany a Yasunori Mitsuda composition, or the dark plodding melodies that Jack Wall incorporates throughout his music, each composer tends to leave certain calling cards in their work. I would argue that the composer’s whose signature sound is most easily identified is Koichi Sugiyama who, if you are unfamiliar with the name, has handled each and every Dragon Quest soundtrack since the beginning.

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roblef3000d ago

dude, it is SO awesome

bgrundman3000d ago

I love this feature. I wish more sites did pieces like this.

starven3000d ago

Love gaming music. Glad there is a place that dives into it.

crunchychocobo2999d ago

Video game music lover over here. I have more soundtracks than I should. So glad to see another site showing the love.