Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection Spekulation (Gameplaybook)

It's been rumored, and over the weekend, what looks like official box art has surfaced. So, what can we expect from the awesome Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection? We speculate into what could be nothing but bloody goodness.

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retrovertigo3002d ago

It's nice that there's a possibility of a Mortal Kombat collection like this, but I can't find the time to play the newer games, let alone go back and play the originals. Hope it sees that light of days for the old-school MK fans, though!

Red_Orange_Juice3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I'm really suprised 360 is not listed. Is the dvd the limitation here or is Sony working hard here. MK, supposedly PoP and SC, Microsoft said they have such a great relationship and history with Splinter Cell brand when announcing Conviction and now this, weird.

blackbeld3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

"Mortal Kombat II (which, incidentally, is available now for purchase on PlayStation Network)"

No, MK2 was a PSN launch title long ago. But hey I don't mind buying it again for HD. I also bought it for the SUPER NES back then.

MK 1-2-3 are till now still the 2nd best fighting game after SF2-turbo.

Btw. I hope this hd release got good online server like the MK2 PSN. Cause MK2 online is the best online fighting game without lag. SF4 could learn more from MK2 PSN.

Buff10443002d ago

These should be downloadable.

asyouburn3002d ago

there'd be no 1000pts/platinum

ExcelKnight3002d ago

Well, Wipeout HD had a platinum trophy and was DL-only at launch...

asyouburn3002d ago

trine, anarchy racing, agarest war, but typically not.

Fishy Fingers3002d ago

Exactly, whats the point without a platinum, what are you left with, playing for fun? Sod that.

asyouburn3002d ago

when the games came out. i sunk countless quarters into the games and bought the home versions of each when they came out. now i want them trophies, dammit

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Imperator3002d ago

Just platinum since there's 360 version.

Hank Hill3002d ago

Where's ma MGS collection?

DeathGazer3002d ago

Back at Strickland Propane, old top.

KillerPwned3002d ago

O its gonna come out it just has to its one of those things that is so highly in demand. Its just plain dumb not to release it.

hyabusha3002d ago

With 3D support!! Day one buy for me!! ^_^

GoldPS33002d ago

I will be buying. I played some MK Trilogy with my bro last week and it bought back some good old memories.

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The story is too old to be commented.