Batman: Arkham City is open-world....and linear

Rocksteady's Sefton Hill has revealed that the studio's follow-up to the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum will be an open-world game. And a linear game. It's complicated.

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Wizziokid2999d ago

so a bit like the first game but more open.

JohnApocalypse2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

I was thinking that too

Why o why2999d ago

thats what it sounds like to me

Shuklar2999d ago

Hopefully they just give you some incentive explore the open area (unlike Mafia 2).

likedamaster2999d ago

Mafia II."

Ewwww. No, thank you. Mafia 2 was horrible. Batman:AA is superior in every way.

In Mafia's defense, it did have some of the most realistic settings in a city I've seen since GTAIV. Seemed like they actually took some time out to render a real life city with every nook & cranny.

sonicsidewinder2999d ago

kirsq's point was to do with the whole
"open world...but linear" quote, is it not?

no talk of what's good or 'horrible'.

krisq2998d ago

Exactly my point. Thanks bro!

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Baka-akaB2999d ago

it's not complicated at all , geez , it actually existed with plenty games like 16 bits castlevania before ...

Its a big hub with multiple linear paths .

Myze2999d ago

Yeah, and I actually prefer that style for a game that wants to tell a good storyline. Open world is nice sometimes, but I am not in the boat where people are talking about the ps4 and such being able to make all games open world. I would probably quit gaming at that point.

Anyway, I like everything I've seen on Arkham City so far.

DevilsJoker2999d ago

...Was exactly like that. So it's not that complicated at all. It's a big open world but the game will funnel you down certain paths most the time for story events. Easy.

rekof2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

But the game is ,.. damn great,.. They made a lot of elements click,.. Gamer's game !

Just please record more audio,..(how hard can it bee to like program the stats,.. yes we played that 4 times in the row,.. next clip) cause Joker started repeating himself,.

zagibu2999d ago

Are you trying to simulate stuttering? Or why are you putting commas and dots where they don't belong?

Whoooop2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Big open area... Not world.

The area is big but that's as far as it goes contrary to an open world that it's not limited to the area you are but by the limits of the whole map/world.

Batman 2 will be linear with some big areas and IMO that's a good thing. While I enjoy sandbox games, I prefer a linear storyline.

Anderson82999d ago

Agreed.. they tend to be more engaging

AwesomeJizz2999d ago

I love linear games, they're better and they focus on the storyline

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The story is too old to be commented.