ISM: Bobby Kotick Makes Himself Look More Like An ***hole

Ironstar: Bobby Kotick has been on a string of saying shit that can ultimately lead to Activision's demise (which already IMO); because we all know, karma is a bitch.

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NewsForMe2916d ago

This guy is a joke. After this post I'm staying away from any story about him unless it is him going completely bat shit crazy and doing something worth reading about. Don't give him anymore attention, gamers.

Yi-Long2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

... anyone who loves gaming should already be boycotting them!

If you really want to play their games, just download them, or buy them 2nd hand. Just try to do anything you can that prevents you from giving Activision any of your money!

CobraKai2916d ago

Man it bugs me that Call of Duty will still sell gangbusters. If anything, buy Activision games USED. They lose money that way.

Paralex2916d ago

Someone is going to have to buy those games first before they become used. Someone has to be #1 and Activision is there. Sorry, that's how it's going to be for now. Everyone is going to "hate" the #1 top dog in the industry no matter who it is. The truth is, Activision publishes games that people enjoy and it's their business, plain and simple.

Shuklar2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

It's not like we're telling people to go buy the game solely to resell it to us. Those people that are going to buy it new were going to do so regardless of what we do. Buying used games is ensuring that Activision only sees the initial $60 not $120, $180, or any other multiple of $60. It's the best way to say "Fuck you Kotick" there is. Unless you want to go to jail for putting a bullet in his skull.

rekof2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

shotgun to the face !!

to far? ,.. he is a class A A-hole,..

UltimateIdiot9112916d ago

More like Class S. Wada is Class A.

Shuklar2916d ago

Not too far at all. In fact, I think it's exactly what this situation needs. More shotguns plz

2916d ago
lastdual2916d ago

Activision's Demise? Sorry, but it will take a lot more than Kotick's big mouth to bring down ActiBlizz.

OtherWhiteMeat2916d ago

And a 10 year partnership with Bungie.Like it or not Activision will be a powerhouse for years to come.

Shuklar2916d ago

I don't think everyone wants to see Activision or Blizzard go away. They just want Kotick to go away. Like "dead" going away lol

Yi-Long2915d ago

... I couldn't care less if Activiison/Blizzard would go away. I don't play Warcraft, and what has Activision done the last couple of years that was truly innovating, fun and worth the money!? Maybe only DJ Hero, and that came with a piece of plastic that for too many people broke too quickly...

Modern Warfare 2? Yeah, enjoy paying through the nose for some DLC-scamming(!)

I'll be surprised if Activision has more than 1 game in the top 10 list of best games of 2010, with that one game being Starcraft probably... (which wouldn't be in my personal top 10 btw...)

Jsynn72916d ago

This guy has become more and more brazen in the things that he's been saying these days. I think the reason is at the end of the day, everyone who complains about him, it won't matter. He'll get Treyarch to pump out more CoD games and millions will wait outside of Gamestops around the world at midnight for it. The money will roll in and he'll laugh all the way to the bank. Cod is almost the equivalent of a force of nature when it come to sales and popularity. It can't be stopped no matter what you. My hope is that, in the future, people will start to remove the veil from their eyes and look at CoD as a sports game. Very little changes, still the same ol' gameplay, short single player, and you have to play $60 just for multi-player. Then, other game devs take that opportunity to create a new fresh game and start taking CoD's audience and shift them their way.

Until that day comes, Kotick will still talk crap and back it up with CoD'11, CoD'12, CoD'13....

TruthbeTold2916d ago

10 million people line up every year to buy a game that is ever so slightly upgraded from last years for 60 bucks, he'll say and act like whatever he pleases, unfortunately. Which as we know, is like a conceited, condescending, rich asshole...

BYE2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Exactly. People complain in spring and buy it in winter. The same procedure as every year.


Stop buying it and Bobby Kotick is forced to change his business direction. Or pay for World of Codcraft. Your choice.

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