Strongcast- Do Drugs Belong in Videogames?

" Strongcast Episode 2: Anthony Accinelli, Isaiah Nicolle, and Ryan Taillon discuss Dead Rising 2, Final Fantasy XIV, Playstation Move, and the latest news topics. Plus we debate whether drugs should play a role in videogames."

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WutPleaze2973d ago

Something to listen to on my way to work. Ugh- I hate work.

tacosRcool2973d ago

Why not? They're in movies and TV shows so why not games?

AnthonyAccinell2973d ago

that's what I think as well.

2973d ago
Dan502973d ago

Play a Nintendo game if you don't want drugs or anything offensive.

LarsoVanguard2973d ago

Pretty much what I was thinking. Do drugs really 'belong' anywhere? If the story/setting of a game includes someone who's using drugs, then why shouldn't that usage be depicted? It's the developer's choice, and that's why we have a ratings system.

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