Rare to Present Kinect Sports at GameCity5 Next Month

Having spent more than twenty-five years entertaining gamers, Rare will host Kinect Sports: Show & Tell, as part of GameCity5, offering fans a unique insight into working with Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology, as well as a behind doors look at this inspiring developer’s creative process. Rare Studio’s Executive Producer of Technology and Communications, Nick Burton, will guide fans through working with the hands free, motion controller, from the early stages of development to final product, Kinect Sports, which fans will be able to exclusively demo before its November release.

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Rrobba2972d ago

Not sure if I'll be getting Wii Spo....I mean Kinect Sports.

Imperator2972d ago

What? We all know this is gonna be the GOTY! What with all that awesome lag, $60 price tag, and all those mini games we've played various times on the Wii.


Armyntt2972d ago

Dude if you hate the kinect so much stay the fuk out of kinect stories. Its kinda ez. If i dont like something about widgets i just dont read about widgets. Im not buyin it either till i see more but i dont see the need to be so negative about something you or I have not had first hand experience with. It could be garbage but you dont know that. Plus if this is aimed toward casuals and it has a little lag who cares, they wont. As long as they can play party games its enough for them. I mean your comment history hates on kinect at every chance you get.

Jazz41082971d ago

Wii sports came bundled with move.

KratosGirI2972d ago

Rare have really disappointed me this generation.

Kameo and Viva Pinata were great, but everything else.......dammit.

Imperator2972d ago

Well, they are owned by MS after all. What more could you expect from a company who is almost as low as Activision?

John-1172972d ago

Low but still ahead of Sony ^.^

Nathaniel_Drake2972d ago

Ahead in sales or quality, one of those actually matters the most as a gamer you decide

Jazz41082971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

Wow since they are beating Sony and thats a fact that must make Sony a real piece of doggie poo, I dont know if Sony is but the PS3 is sure a piece of crap.

Hank Hill2972d ago

Rare, look at yourselves. What has MS done to you? You used to be one of the best devs in the business but now you are just a joke. Snap out of it!

frostyhat1232972d ago

No wonder you have one bubble.

kndy2971d ago

nobody bought their new games... how many do you own?

plb2972d ago

I'm curious how you will play soccer/football on this thing? How do you run about the field or do you just kick goals?

acere2972d ago

just run up n down that all

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The story is too old to be commented.