Player Affinity: Civilization V Review

Player Affinity says" I started up Civilization V with a degree of trepidation. While the previous versions were great games, they always felt like rehashes of the same Civilization II that I played oh so long ago but with added gimmicks and window dressing. At its core, the game’s features continued to remain mostly the same but with graphical updates; the biggest changes were the addition of cultural borders and the new victory conditions, mainly taken from a spinoff, Alpha Centauri. In Civilization V, the game has been significantly overhauled, removing a great deal of interface in favor of simplification, vastly improving combat, making social control more customizable as well as reducing mass unit and city micromanagement. But you know, these scary new changes might actually be a good thing.

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chak_2976d ago

It's kicking some serious asses !

Can't get enough of it. One more turn !