New Kinectimals gameplay video

New video of Kinectimals (Xbox 360) captured by DigitalGames during the Montreal presentation.

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Godmars2902853d ago

Shouldn't you be prompting the cat to jump and move, since you're suppose to be interacting with it, not jumping for it?

rroded2853d ago

fails from what we've seen so far anyways...

Convas2853d ago

LOL, you aren't the brightest light on the christmas tree are you? You can clearly see that you're PLAYING as the cat right? RIGHT?! Right.

Godmars2902853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I'm saying that in gameplay shown so far, sometimes you're interacting with a cat, sometimes you are the cat. Directly controlling it with your actions. Such an inconsistency just smacks of half-assing a pet sim.

I'm not questioning Kinect, just the game mechanics of one of the titles on it. It might even be usable as a real pet care training tool for young kids. Possibly less so if its putting them in the perspective of a pet instead of an owner/trainer.

SillySundae2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

... see those claws?

DelbertGrady2853d ago

You can choose wether you want to use voice commands or if you want to play as the cat.

RankFTW2853d ago

Game looks amazing, takes interaction to a whole new level.

Haha nah who am I kidding, looks utter fail.

DORMIN2853d ago

Oh hai everybody, just came in here to LOL at the poor saps buying this...

Trebius2853d ago

This "game" is absolutely and utterly'll sell to every 3-5 year old in the country though.

Immortal3212853d ago

then 10minutes, so I can prove gamers should just go outside rather than jumping and waiving your arms around in the house.

TotalPS3Fanboy2853d ago

"Shouldn't you be prompting the cat to jump and move, since you're suppose to be interacting with it, not jumping for it?"

In case you forgot, with Kinect, the cat plays you.

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Jack Klugman2853d ago

Clizz he is too busy trolling again to be bothered with details..

Funny how the people(children) on N4G think gaming revolves around them and everything MUST appeal to them or it is instant fail.

zootang2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

This appeals to you?

Pennywise2853d ago

Zoo, I think it does appeal to Jack.

pedrami912853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

....................Isn't the consumer always right ?

bustamove2853d ago

And you're not clearly a troll yourself?

zootang2853d ago


I guess so, it just goes to show what his opinion is worth.

gamingdroid2853d ago

"....................Isn& #39;t the consumer always right ?"

and yes, you weren't the customer MS was aiming for with Kinectimals unless it appeals to you? Does it?

Seems like it perhaps should!

baodeus2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )


Yes customer always right but are N4G peeps consider the majority of customers out there?

Then you have to ask other questions like is this game aiming for your age group? If it is not and doesn't appeal to you then of course this game is useless. But if it is for little kids, this game might be great (if you are a parent, etc....your kids might love this). This and Eye pet have certain values to them and they aren't useless.

You guys talking like this game is for you, or unless that is realy your age level.

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bustamove2853d ago

...Is it me or did I see lag in this? The animal's not corresponding with the guy's movements. :/

lowcarb2853d ago

"Shouldn't you be prompting the cat to jump and move, since you're suppose to be interacting with it, not jumping for it?"

You should ask the developer that question not us. This is why they are paid to make games and figure things out you or I wouldn't.

"yeh kinect
fails from what we've seen so far anyways"

I think that's fair enough and hopefully Kinect will show some games to help change opinions. Everybody has a right (especially if there ever going to consider plopping down 150.00)to be skeptical of Kinect. Personally I just can't stand the comments claiming it will fail when it has not been given a decent amount of time to prove itself.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2853d ago


So he crouches real low to get the cat to walk through the tube but the kitty decides to bypasses it. So either this is another stage demonstration or Kinect fails yet again to track a players movements.

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Zangalou2853d ago

yep but in this 'mini-game' you are the cat

Christopher2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Which is kind of weird. But, I don't see it so much as you controlling him as directing him similar to when you direct him to play dead.

On the code side, it's all the same anyway. You make a gesture, it reacts in a programmed manner to said gesture.

jerethdagryphon2853d ago

did you see the changes in the milo dmeo from 2009ish to the last one shown

in the original she spoke(reading from a script) and it responded fairly liflike

int he last one the worsd she had to say came up on screen

in other words it wasnt even listening it was waiting a set period of time before curing auto response

Shadow Flare2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

I'm interested to see how this shapes up to eyepet. They're good showcases for the respective pieces of tech. I have eyepet and there's a lot you can do with it, loads of different events you can do, not just with the move controller but also with your hands and your voice. Kinectimals just has hands and voice. Which would imply to me that this will be more limited then eyepet. All I've seen of kinectimals so far is basic eyetoy stuff. Jump, lean, jump, duck.......this video is a perfect example of that. Jump, jump, jump, that's it. It doesn't get more basic then that

Anon19742853d ago

Doesn't look that bad, for what it is. I'm kinda interested in EyePet for my son when he gets a bit older, but only because I don't have enough room in my living room for Kinect to be useful without rearraging furniture, and that's not going to happen everytime my boy wants to play something.

rroded2853d ago

ya its got a free demo on psn give it a try b4 ya buy

we passed on it cause you got to put the camera near the ground for the game n wit a 2 year old in the house not such a good thing lol

Shadow Flare2853d ago

It's interesting because I had eyepet before move came out, and instead of using move, you used a picture card that you held to the camera and it would turn into different things on screen. When it used the card, I don't think it was great for kids because it didn't track it well enough. Kids didn't understand that they had to point the card directly face fowards to the camera. But this is why move is great. Cos it tracks move everywhere, very accurately. Now I think it's a great game for kids, but do try a demo of it before you buy. Just see what you think of it.

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Erotic Sheep2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

A weep for humanity..