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PES 2011 review - 89% in PSM3

CVG: "PSM3 has revealed its PES 2011 review and given the Konami title a very respectable 89 per cent." (PC, PES 2011, PS3, Xbox 360) 89/100

redDevil87  +   1545d ago
Good score, a little surprising.
Yi-Long  +   1545d ago
Nice score indeed...
... but I have played the demo now pretty consistently the last week orso, and there is sadly still too much wrong with it, especially the mediocre AI.

Too bad, cause I've always been a huge fan of the series, and it's nice to see this year's PES as a big improvement over the last couple of games, but personally I won't be buying it.
anticooper  +   1544d ago
i feel the same,its better than last year, but still not great:-(
n4gno  +   1544d ago
You don't play football game to use IA, pes is way better with humans 2 or 4, and probably the best this time (if you consider the 2 demos)
farhsa2008  +   1545d ago
The king is back baby!
Baka-akaB  +   1545d ago
That's what happens when you judge the title on its own merit , instead of repeating over and over how bad the previous recent ones were .
mexazul200  +   1545d ago
sizeofyou  +   1545d ago
Yep - of course it does.....
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PopEmUp  +   1545d ago
To be honest, I will buy pes next year, when they can improve the Ai, I hate playing with stupid Ai, cause I always can score over 2-0 on average in Legendary setting
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spdarksky  +   1545d ago
PES11 For Me
I'm a PC gamer and i'm surely looking forward to this PES11. FIFA10 PC suxs a$$ and from what i heard FIFA11 PC will be FIFA10 Console Port. That's good enough for me to get both PC version this year.

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