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Submitted by drunkonjudgement 1966d ago | opinion piece

Kinect - How hard will Microsoft fail?

One thing that I’ve always been interested in was integrating movement into gameplay. When word of the Wii came, I was highly optimistic. Unfortunately the Wii’s cumbersome sensors ended up being its’ downfall for most gamers, actually requiring Nintendo to release a whole new addition to the remote to give it the accuracy that was expected at launch. Now we have two new contenders to the motion control arena, PlayStation’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect. The Kinect uses a brand new system of interaction. It gives the game developers a daunting amount of input, from camera input, full body scans, to positional audio recordings. The question in my mind is how game developers will properly integrate all these features into a coherent gameplay experience? (Industry, Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

Hank Hill   1966d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(12)
DelbertGrady  +   1966d ago
"The question in my mind is how game developers will properly integrate all these features into a coherent gameplay experience?"

Why not wait and see? I know, I know, bashing it and saying it will fail before it's even out is much easier and gives you a feeling of security. I'm not sure it will get any interesting games either, but TGS had some surprising announcements and there might be more of those before it's released.
Why o why  +   1966d ago
almost agree with ya
but when its so close to release and we've seen no real stuff that looks interesting its not so much about bashing as it is about skepticism. Just look at their advertising...They're pushing fun over substance...Not saying funs bad but c'mon man
insomnium  +   1966d ago
I wonder how eagerly delbert was shouting the PS3 to fail without giving it time to get teh games. I could almost swear the irony in your comment is so thick it's hard to breathe.

OK with comments like these "Why is the PS3 still in third place if it's as good as some of you claim? " you just proved me you wreek of irony in your comment. It's unbelievable the lengths some people go to....

OMG that was a FAST disagree. Way to stalk me.
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Mc Fadge  +   1966d ago
Because they've had their chance.
Well, their big chance, atleast. They've had years to prepare devs to create a new, exciting experience - One that only Kinect could create. And what came out of that? Not a lot. Of course it is possible for interesting ideas to develop, but at this moment in time, it's not looking promising.
JackBNimble  +   1966d ago
In my opinion........
I kind of think MS is making a mistake to bring out kinect 5 years into the 360 life cycle.

Wouldn't it have made more sence for MS to R&D it for the next 2 or 3 years and bring it out with the next gen xbox? Or is this really just a beta test?
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Prcko  +   1966d ago
i don't care!
I have move and i don't need anything else!!!
B-Real206  +   1966d ago
I'm on a wait and see approach. So far I haven't really seen anything that's for me but I'd like to see what the Jap devs do with this device. I would like to see more then trailers for those games, though I'm not really getting amped up so I won't be disappointed. It's just easier that way.
skeletonss  +   1966d ago
i think its funny
that ps3 dellusional die hards automatically say FAIL, just because it is microsoft. Good thing you guys are in the industry....

oh thats right.... your on n4g.

PS playstation move is not much different than kinect... Its just as Gay.
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dizzleK  +   1966d ago
Exactly, it has the same effin launch games that Kinect has too but somehow they're better. Don't bash KInectimals and Kinect Adventures while you're out buying Eyepet and Start the Party.
pinksteak09  +   1966d ago
i take it you two never tried MOVE and KINECT releases next month, and how can you determine the sexual prefence of MOTION COTROLLERS? smh...
Pillville  +   1966d ago
Eyepet = Kinectimals
Start the Party = Kinect Adventures
RE5 = ????
LBP2 = ????
Socom = ????
Sorcery = ?????
siyrobbo  +   1966d ago
... Its just as Gay

what are you 10 years old?
bustamove  +   1966d ago
I find it funny that you dare label everyone as some die hard PS3 fan when there are people who are probably interested in Kinect but remain skeptical.

Maybe you need to take a look at yourself because you're calling people fanboys when you act like one YOURSELF.

And another thing, PS Move gay? What are you, five years old? Can't find any other words to use to bash it?
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Why o why  +   1966d ago
didnt you get the memo
If you express any form of skepticism you're automatically part of the ps3 faction hate team.....The 360 guys who express the same skepticism have all had their accounts hacked.
bustamove  +   1966d ago
God man, I'm so sick and tired of the hypocrisy from these guys. Oh noes, teh PS3 fans are worse than teh 360 fans! And yet they act the same exact way.

Seriously, lol.

Random disagrees and NO ONE CAN PROVE ME WRONG.
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plb  +   1966d ago
It will either be a success like Windows 7, a fail like Kin, or somewhere in between like the Zune. We'll see.
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mastahmind  +   1966d ago
and what if none of the three things you said happens ?
monkey nuts  +   1966d ago
Something else...........
zenghangyu1   1966d ago | Spam
units  +   1966d ago
oh look
another fail kinect article on N4G
electricshadow  +   1966d ago
Just watch, it'll be over 300 degrees before you know it.
hiahai   1966d ago | Spam
BYE  +   1966d ago
Move took it. There's no place for another motion controller, maybe next gen.
TrueStoryGuy  +   1966d ago
I don't know how well it'll do...
Hardcore gamers are obviously against it, but how will it do against the casual market, where this is wholly being marketed to?

I see it doing as well as the "Eye Toy" was. A moderate success, but nothing to gloat over.
whitesoxfalife  +   1966d ago
ahh yes everybody hates Kinect......i for one cant wait for it to come out and watch it changes everybody mind...... Kinect ftw!!!!!!!!! seriously ima take a line from the sony camp MOTION CONTROLS DOESN'T START UNTIL MICROSOFT SAYS SO DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!
BYE  +   1966d ago
cardgenius  +   1966d ago
@soxfan really are pathetic. Calm down...its a fucking kids toy.
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whitesoxfalife  +   1966d ago
maybe to you its a kids toy for me and the rest of us 360 gamers its epic just like Move is epic for the ps3 gamers oh wait i guess thas a toy too right!!!!!!

Ceekay why would i be mad for cuz i quote something from Sony when they said "The HD generation console doesn't start until they arrive back in 06"
i thought that was good line to use but i forgot we are in the "SONAIRS" area

Just like I said ahh the hate on kinect continues keep it coming guys.....
Droid Control  +   1966d ago
Maybe not, but it will lead to the 720 by 2012...
Roonie  +   1966d ago
How bad?
watch after all the idiots at launch finds that they bought a glorified eye-toy that lags 24/7.

sales down faster than your 360 to RROD.
midgard229  +   1966d ago
I know how hard
Harder than a man overdosed on viagra
tiamat5  +   1966d ago
First of all, who cares? Everyone acts as if Kinect falls we will fall into some sort of gaming abyss or something. Many peripherals and systems have failed in the past and we moved on. No one except Microsoft will lose any sleep over it if it fails. Secondly, it is really pathetic to have to cling to Kinect hardcore games that you have no idea if they will work, how engaging they will be or even before you even see any proper gameplay. If I remember right Steel Battlion didn't exactly light the gaming world on fire. Thirdly, not sure what is with people saying Move is like Wii when Kinect is not only copying Nintendo with their games but Sony's Eyetoy as well. They haven't proven that Kinect isn't just a slight improvement of the Eyetoy and have nothing but shovelware to proof it with. Kinect isn't new and we seasoned gamers can see that. Move maybe similar to Wii but has the functionality, games and current game intergration to back it up. What does Kinect have? Lies, exaggeration and empty promises.
ManiacMansion  +   1966d ago
Move 100k...

no chance MS will fail as much as Sony, lol

MS = biggest marketing giant in game Industry.
cardgenius  +   1966d ago
Marketing only goes so far. If its a P.O.S. then its a P.O.S.
midgard229  +   1966d ago
maniac if it sells then people will be upset and spread the word that it sux.

u cant honestly think this looks fun.

who cares about launch sales. its down the line that counts in the long run. kinect has failed since it was called the natal
divideby0  +   1966d ago
I have no idea... I aint buying Kinect this year (overpriced and just shovelware for games, did you see the new vids). I dont have anyone on my bud list buying or even talking about it and all I know no one is buying one.. Yet I am sure it will sell well for the holidays..
This is NOT another MS HDDVD accessory, and will selll to who I have no idea
#18 (Edited 1966d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
whitesoxfalife  +   1966d ago
maybe on your friend list nobody is talking about it but on my mines we are always talking about it and i dont have any kids on my list well maybe a few but still look at my profile WHITESOXFALIFE go check it and you will be surprise what you see the friends I have
MsmackyM  +   1966d ago
Kinect has Potential
Kinect has potential. Microsoft also has a reputation of releasing unfinished, buggy, and broken products. This late in the 360 life cycle I truly doubt developers will dedicate the resources needed to bring out the potential of the Kinect. Microsoft may very well use the Kinect launch as a Beta for its new console.
Clarence  +   1966d ago
The first xbox failed so hard, M$ stop supporting. The M$ jumped the gun with the 360 in ordered to get the lead on Sony and Nintendo. With a year headstart in NA and a year and half headstart in the UK M$ has a lead of only 3.5mill. Not to mention it's started out as the cheaper console.
Adrela  +   1966d ago
How many of you have actually tried Kinect?
So far, all I keep hearing or seeing is gamers claiming that Kinect will fail and that it's a waste of money. Then, I find out those same people have never tried Kinect and that's really pathetic.
I finally got to try Kinect at a tent Microsoft set up and it was quite entertaining and worked just fine.
gamer8179  +   1966d ago
The pre-orders are good for kinect. Not sure why anyone wants it to fail. If your not interest in it, then don't buy it. At least kinect brings something new and fresh.
morkendo23  +   1966d ago
end of story.

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