Kinect is for games 'we can't even imagine'

EA thinks that motion camera’s strengths will only emerge once developers have learned to break with tradition

It’s “something of a chicken and egg thing”. That’s the challenge that Microsoft faces with the Kinect motion camera, according to EA’s European senior VP Jens Uwe Intat.

Specifically, the exec thinks that relying on conversation of existing IP and game types to push the appeal of Kinect is a mistake. Instead, developers need to throw and the text books and think again about how to build titles for hardware that doesn’t include a controller.

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Philoctetes2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

He's right. As of today, I can't imagine any games for Kinect that I would want to play.

Edit: Damn, I got beaten to the punch by seconds. :(

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DelbertGrady2999d ago

Both eastern and western devs seem very hyped about working on it. Will be interesting to see if they can bring something truly unique into fruition.

gta_manic2999d ago

but hey while you wait, play one of their amazing unique dancing games, all five of them!

plb2999d ago

What devs are those? Most articles I have read from devs say Kinect is a pita to work with.

outrageous2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Trying to visualize Kinect with games designed for a controller doesn't make much sense does What EA's European VP is saying that you have to think outside the " box " to really start to grasp what Kinect is capable of....the tech/software is solid and improving everyday...

Lionheads Peter Molyneux has demoed the Kinect many times giving the world a glimpse of some of his ideas as well as breakthroughs using the Kinect tech...

...And while M$ has told Peter not to make a Milo game, Peter has already stated the tech will be found in a future Fable game.

The recent TGS had many surprises...the biggest being the great line up of Kinect games being made by enthusiastic Asian developers...huge news and many being exclusive....take a look...

Steel Battalion
Project Draco
Brain connection
Suda 51..Code name D
Rise Of nightmares
Child of Eden

Kinect may not be for everybody but the point is, it's here and it's staying and many people, myself included look forward to seeing what a developers out there come up with.

The SDF comes crying at every Kinect article with the same dumb excuses. Don't buy if you don't want it...but there's always room over in the 360 camp for defectors...;D

@ Ace below...the Kinect line up has something for everyone...I agree with the whole " types of gamers " sentiment but Kinect's line up this holiday is geared towards bringing in the " casuals " who have made the Wii the top selling ( 70+ million ) console this gen. The more sophisticated games are coming but require a longer development cycle than 1-2 years. Killzone took 5 years to develop on the then new cell architecture...while Kinect will have it's big breakthrough in the new year.

gamingdroid2999d ago

You hit the nail on the head.

Looking at todays games and it takes at least 18 months to create based on game known mechanics. Heck, Activision has two teams to handle their CoD franchise. That is the only way they can release the game yearly.

Almost all great games for any console, PS3 included has taken more than 2 years to make. This includes Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Gran Turismo 5 and the list goes on.

Yet, when we talk about Kinect the patience is non-existant for a product that hasn't even been released!!!

AceofStaves2999d ago


The best market for this, as I see it, will be families who already own 360's and not casual gamers. Casual gamers (like the 50 million+ people who play FarmVille, for example) aren't going to pay out hundreds of dollars for a console and peripheral without recognizable characters to push the marketing. Nintendo's genius was bringing the new motion control tech along with a stable of some of gaming's most iconic, cross-generational characters. Microsoft doesn't have that option.

Developers might be able to create new types of games with Kinect, but that will depend on how many units get into people's homes and the degree of software support customers show it.

btk2999d ago

Wow you can spin good...

In the end it is all in the specs:
640x480 @30fps. You just can not make that do high accuracy or decent speed. So you are just dreaming there.

bviperz2999d ago

Oh the irony, the MDF calling out the SDF while defending their product of choice...

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bustamove2999d ago

...Take a chill pill bro. Microsoft didn't ask you to write a whole paragraph defending them to death. I don't know of this SDF you're talking about because all I see are people discussing the product.

palaeomerus2999d ago

SDF sez what? And how are these lame ass cheap shots "discussing a product"? LOL. He nailed you. Don't cry so much.

bustamove2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

Point out the lame cheapshots. Go ahead.

It's called sarcasm and criticism. Get used to it. There is nothing regarding Kinect that has anyone excited about it. I'm sorry but that's the way it is.

Lol yourself.

gamingdroid2999d ago

Sorry, but these are lame cheap shots with no real merits based on a bunch of speculation from a select few that probably have not even tried Kinect.

It is just an attempt to shut the door and lock it before anyone arrives.

Just another month, and I will get one myself. If anyone wonders, yes I tried Kinect and liked it!

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AceofStaves2999d ago

Most everything I read about Kinect seems to focus on future possibilities, instead of the present. Unfortunately for Microsoft, casual gamers focus on the today, not the tomorrow. They're interested in playing the games available at the moment, not on what could be developed in the future. That's of far greater interest to the more involved gamer.

Hopefully, Microsoft will focus some resources on developing quality gaming experiences that will available at launch or soon after; casual gaming is about passing time now, not some time in the future. That's too much commitment.

I have gaming friends in both camps, the casual and the hardcore (though I'm not a fan of those terms), and I've yet to hear any of my casual friends mention either Move or Kinect. The Wii satisfies their console needs.

UltimateIdiot9112999d ago

I've got some of my friends (casual gamers, really fond of those facebook games with the exception of SC2) to try the Move. They loved it, but I doubt they will run out to buy a PS3 and Move.

Some of my other friends don't know the Move by name but if you mention Wiimote or the ball thingy for the PS3, they understand.

Hank Hill2999d ago

True, I never imagined playing Star Wars on rails.

palaeomerus2999d ago

"Time Crisis: Razing Storm" sez Hi!

UP2999d ago

that game is on-rails by choice not by limitations. there is a difference. If you disagree tell me how you are supposed to walk around in the starwars game. And do not say you have a controller with you because then how are you supposed to swing with a controller in you hand?

Monkey5212999d ago

Here's the difference. Time Crisis is, and has always been, an On-rails Arcade Shooter. How many times have you ever seen a Jedi stand still for 3 minutes, killing everything with reflected blaster shots/force abilities, then JUMP to the next area and repeat?

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