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Submitted by dkblackhawk50 1889d ago | news

Kotick: No one wants to work at EA

E4G: Kotick seems to be on a role with making Electronic Arts weak in the legs. (Industry)

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dkblackhawk50  +   1889d ago
Anyone want to work for Activision?
Christopher  +   1889d ago
They're both not that great considering they both have a policy for the majority of their annual and movie-based IPs to quickly put something together and shove it out the door. Both also have some company departments, typically managed by those who have partnered with EA or Activision, that are great departments to work for and fight for the best games possible with the most flexible schedules they can get to improve each new game they develop.

I don't think I'd base it on wanting to work for either of them so much as working on specific IPs head by specific persons. BioWare would be an awesome company to work with, but if I was forced to work on Madden or some random IP for a movie release, I'd decline immediately unless I had no other choice.
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PSFan100  +   1889d ago
I'd work at EA, therefore you've just lied to everyone. Again.
karl  +   1889d ago
are u kidding?

EA is miles better than Activision

how many cod games are out there? six? maybe seven i dont know but i know they dont improve shit...

EA brought Mirrors edge and dead space...

two new and awesome ips... as far as i know ... EA likes to innovate
sunnygrg  +   1889d ago
I would definitely work at Activision
after the bod's let go of this sob.
gamingdroid  +   1889d ago
I find it funny that the industry (or should I say gamers) just loves to hate. Previously it was EA who was the devil, now it is a new flavor called Activision.

What is the flavor next year guys?

Get over it!
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karl  +   1888d ago

dont be silly

the only unreasonable hate is beetween sony and MS fanboys

if activision would just do things as they should.. get rid of kotick and bring some new good games we wouldnt hate them so much...

EA learn the lesson and came back better than ever....

Activision needs to fail big time so maybe then they will get it...

sadly they are being kept alive by WOW and COD..
TEFL0N_D0N_81  +   1889d ago
The only good dev left at Activision is Blizzard. EA at least has Bioware, EA Redwood (Dead Space), Valve, Crytek, DICE, etc (yes I know some of these are publishing deals and not in-house devs).

What does Activision have besides Blizz? And don't tell me the Guitar Hero series. And so far, the only good Treyarch developed (from ground up) game I've seen is Ultimate Spiderman. Everything else seems to be ports and mods.

p.s. E4G needs a spell checker or take writing classes. Kotick is on a "roll".. not a "role".
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Elven6  +   1889d ago
How about,

Bizzare Creations
Demon Ware (they do middleware)

And for EA you can't list developers like Valve or CryTek, they are independent meaning they have no relation to EA or anyone. Both of those companies have their games published by others too.

Treyarch has made some great games in the past, Call of Duty 3 was made in what, 8 months? That means they made an entire engine, storyline (with multiple characters), multiplayer mode, etc in such a short time span on multiple consoles. Show me any other developer who can do that. World at War was good as well and Black Ops seems to be innovating the series.

And before anyone goes on with that reskin bull, with Call of Duty 3 Treyarch made a storyline that actually gave character some emotion and back story, the multiplayer took more skill due to the introduction of classes, and the map packs were really cheap, pretty much $1 per map. Despite this, people hate it, they found any excuse they could to do so. With World at War they stuck with the Call of Duty 4 formula but added their own elements to things like the storyline.

People still hated it, Treyarch simply can't win despite always delivering on a good or great game.
siyrobbo  +   1889d ago
but activision don't seem to care about any of their companies

raven are extremely talented developers, singularity is a great game which activision left to die, they didn't support it at all, yet yearly cod's get a massive marketing spend when the name alone guarantees profit
likedamaster  +   1889d ago
"That means they made an entire engine."

-Negative. They used the COD2 engine(by IW), look it up. They did the same with World At War and now MW2's updated engine(with data streaming) for BlackOps. They've never really made their own engine. Not hating on Treyarch, they're quite competent, but just saying...
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outrageous  +   1889d ago
Kotick telling it as it is...
Kotick is just stating the facts. The two bone heads running Infinity Ward got greedy and wanted to make there own COD and leave Activision with the franchise for gonna happen.

EA has struggled of late with great games that haven't sold very well. So now they run around and steal all the talent they can and copy the top selling games from other publishers...Buisness as usual in the gaming world. Sledgehammer over at Activision are the original creaters of Deadspace...there making an action/adventure COD game for release in 2011...see how that works...:D

Neither one of these two powerhouses are and better than the other. If your a dev, then invest in a good lawyer to go over the fine print with either of these guys BEFORE signing anything.
Shuklar  +   1889d ago
God forbid that people want to make the majority of the profit for something they created. Wouldn't you?
Lord Gunchrote  +   1889d ago
youre dumb
LastDance  +   1889d ago
If we all pool in our money, we can hire a decent assassin. Who's keen?
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sonicsidewinder  +   1888d ago
@ gamingdroid.
The devil can POSESS!! lol

U iz right like. Haters gotta hate. Cept David Hayter, cus he is shit-good.

Related video
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NewsForMe  +   1889d ago
I am thinking about trying to become a game programmer and I would rather work at EA after hearing about the situation with Infinity Ward. I actually don't know what went down between Activision and IW, none of us do, but I would prefer to stay away from that sort of thing if I could.
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Elven6  +   1889d ago
The matter hasn't been resolved yet and everything both sides have said in regards to Activision/IW is simply rumor and speculation.

EA isn't a walk in the park either. They have their issues as well, EA Wives comes to mind. Despite these bumps, both companies still take pretty good care of their employees.

I'd work for either to get my foot in the door, both names would look great on a resume regardless.
Hitman0769  +   1889d ago
Wow Kotick has a lot of crap to say. What is it next? No one wants to work at Google. No one wants to work at Microsoft. No one wants to work at Sony. No one wants to work at Activision. No one wants to work.
dkblackhawk50  +   1889d ago
o.o if he causes the next recession, he is a dead man! :P
Bodster  +   1889d ago
I guess he's finally got bored of counting all his unearned money so is deciding to get a quick laugh by saying the most idiotic things...
Cloudberry  +   1889d ago
There's a lot of Kotick's quotes today... : /
mmoracerules  +   1889d ago
This is what happens when someone won't be quiet on a Monday morning ;)
plb  +   1889d ago
Sounds like someones got a case of the Mondays ;)

/ends office space quote
AllroundGamer  +   1889d ago
damn you, now i have to watch the movie again!! :)
CovertGunman  +   1889d ago
Hmm, I'll be interested to see what EA has to say about all this.
NYC_Gamer  +   1889d ago
EA shouldnt even respond back to this idiot
CrawFail  +   1889d ago
Seriously, what is wrong with this guy?
mmoracerules  +   1889d ago
Too many things apperntaly.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   1889d ago
he loves money and monopoly, thats what.
badz149  +   1889d ago
why do you ask what is wrong with him?
he's just being Kotick and last time I check from my Gaming Dictionary, Kotick = Douchebag! so, nothing is wrong with him apparently!
shepowy  +   1889d ago
I think it's better when you don't hear anything from bigwigs like Kotick because that must mean they're doing something right, also if Kotick was still working for Vivendi no-one would care what he has to say.
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Chefooba  +   1889d ago
This guy clearly just likes causing trouble.
shepowy  +   1889d ago
I'd love to think Respawn entertainment will give Kotick sleepless nights if their game ends up totally pwning the next Infinty Ward title, it's all he deserves for treating some of the best devs out there like crap.
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LolololRumz  +   1889d ago
Think we should just have a dedicated section to all the shit kotick comes out with
enkeixpress  +   1889d ago
... This guy not dead yet??

Thought he'd be shot by now after what he said about CoD having premium services lol
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murcielago4  +   1889d ago
lol i said the same thing to myself. but hey look at the bright side he already has a special place in hell for being a selfish greedy bastard.
Lazy_Gamer  +   1889d ago
Wow kotick is on a roll today. Guess he ate too much so the extra crap had to come out lol. So, anybody willing to work at Activision folks?
theonlylolking  +   1889d ago
He does not like his money making people that started IW and COD go to EA.
Wii360BeatsPS3  +   1889d ago
You lot are being played by gaming sites. They know you react to Kotick articles, so they spam you all day long with them for hits. It's gamers who have created Bobby the boogyman character. You've made him far more famous than he ever expected, has to be good for business.

You are being played, Kotick has become a soap opera. You all tune in to see what he says next so you can all shout BOO!!!

He's probably laughing his ass off at you all.
mastiffchild  +   1889d ago
Why? He still looks a complete tool from the words he himself speaks without, seemingly, thinking. West and Zampella would clearly prefer working for EA and they were the (among them at least)biggest talents and money earners Activision itself had(not counting Blizzards MMO pedigree which was already there)-so it's just the fact he states blatant untruths which, you would imagine, qwould make his own job more difficult.

Like the way he slighted every independent dev apart from Bungie the other day without once thinking he might have to work with Insomniac or Crytek one of these days-he just assumes everyone is as in love with money as he is and thankfully that isn't the case with a lot of creatiuve people but as he's never made anything himself he wouldn't grasp t5he joy that creating brings in and of itself and when his developers start asking for more creative freedom he calls in the heavies to make sure they stick to the formula!

He's lauughing all the way to the bank, for sure, but he's hurting gaming, his approach verges on slash and burn and is so shortsighted it5 beggars belief. Milk today and sod tomorrow. He's wrecked the GH franchise and has pissed off the men behind making COD the dominant force it is today and lost them forever and all because of his penny pinching, classless ways. Every time anyone fails to be as in thrall to the money as he is he will fall out with them puzzled out of hi9s cash afddled mind as to how anyone could ever take anything but the best cash deal for anything. If it isn't money it has no worth and if it's something you can't put a price ON then it might as well not exist for this guy who is acting like a sodding bully and flapping his gums when, really, he knows next to nothing about games themselves.

If he wasn't6 such a danger to gaming and gamers getting value and quality it might be funny but as it is he's just an odious little irk who doesn't understand much outside of the financial world and even there he's making a lot of mistakes and statements that will bite his arse one day soon.
AusWarrior  +   1889d ago
And I've seen you in every single Kotick article today :/ You love him, don't you <3
Skynetone  +   1889d ago
if you have no other options you might consider them

are ea really this bad, Kotick
KillerPwned  +   1889d ago
Damn he just never ends is anyone gonna ever stand up to him? I would love for this guy to just get totally shut down.
UltimateSin  +   1889d ago
He's going after everyone these past few days, What The Ef! Time of the month?
MetalGearBear  +   1889d ago
@ Kotick
I hope you hang up yourself.....
badz149  +   1889d ago
he won't
but he would really loves to hang you with subscriptions though - using plastic peripherals!
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jukins  +   1889d ago
wow this guy. bascially activision got lucky with call of duty modern warfare being so well received. they've killed tony hawk guitar hero and really have no other games. without call of duty activision would be nothing. on one hand i guess its nice to see a ceo speak his mind, on the other when they say such hateful things towards competitors without being attacked first is beyond me.
Valkyre  +   1889d ago
Tuxedoassassin  +   1889d ago
Hey Kotick or Kodick, i rather die than work at you.
fuckoffodion  +   1889d ago
Well, if you really want him to shut up, don't buy Activision games anymore. Notice how he doesn't really talk about the Guitar Hero series anymore. The series has been selling less and less. Tony Hawk? Same thing. Although the last game was just awful. Start the trend with the COD series. I'm not buying it. I think it's going to be a good game. I'll just wait till it hits the bargain bin at the local Target.
Supman  +   1889d ago
activision buy IPs like call of duty,
and now other people are making call of duty
when infinityward made it!
at least dice can keep their bad company.
renegade  +   1889d ago
Whatever comes by kotick mouth is sh!t.
nefertis  +   1889d ago
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Ares84PS3  +   1889d ago
If I had a choice....
...I would work for EA instead of Activision. But as soon as Kotick leaves, it doesn't matter.

Right now working for Activision is = working for Satan.
Claudinho69  +   1889d ago
i think kotick must read n4g..
NewsForMe  +   1889d ago
I think he pleasures himself while reading the comments.
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