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The latest EDGE review scores include Castlevania, Enslaved, Dead Rising 2, Quantum Theory, Civilization V, a couple of Move titles, and more.

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Count2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I'm rather surprised at the new Castlevania.

I didn't think that it would do good.

rockleex2972d ago

Enemies that drop loot and money.

Sometimes getting super rare weapons and shields from enemies.

If only action games these days had as much content.

frameflip2972d ago

Agreed. SOTN is still one of my top games ever. Hope this new installment doesn't disappoint.

Organization XII2972d ago

hell yeah, civilization thats some good memories, I'd like a simcity 5 though...

Game-ur2972d ago

Castlevania Is underrated

Enslaved is overrated

KiRBY30002972d ago

Quantum Theory is properly rated

Bolts2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Civ 5 is really dumbed down. No religion, can't change your goverment and policies, no captiulation, no real diplomancy, and no corporations.

It's an empty shell of a game that was Civ 4 in every way except for the combat.

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Christopher2972d ago

I expected 8/10s for Castlevania, I did not expect them for Enslaved, though.

Active Reload2972d ago

I really dug Enslaved after playing the demo. Before that, I thought the Monkey guy moved rather awkwardly, but its minor in comparison to the game being so beautiful and the voices and dialog was seemingly headed in a great direction. I will be getting it...

n4gno2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

I did'nt found enslaved to be really "beautiful", but i play essentially on pc and ps3, it's probably the reason why.

edit : who can disagree with marine "edge bias" fact ? xbox fanboys are really in denial, everyone with a brain knows that a lot of sites, blogs, are fanboy's sites, or paid by ms.

Organization XII2972d ago

yeah castelvania is just overdone, too many sequels man

Dlacy13g2972d ago

Well I am glad to see I was not the only one who thought he was a monkey boy... In reality he isn't a monkey boy, its a sash from his belt.

Active Reload2972d ago

@n4gno...I borrow my neighbor's PS3 all the time and he borrows my 360. I don't have a gaming Pc, but nonetheless can play on any gaming platform and have no problem giving props where there due. But you only have one bubble, so you wouldn't understand.

@Dlacy13g...Yeah, I got over that a while ago, but I'm certain his name is Monkey though, lol.

Imperator2972d ago

Heavenly sword looked better than Enslaved imo.

skyward2972d ago

Some mags (ie games TM) have given it just that:

Christopher2972d ago

Wait a minute... Deadly Premonition gets the same score as Castlevania from gamesTM? Wow... that's... I'm speechless.

n to the b2972d ago

interesting. EDGE gives hydrophobia 3/10 while games TM gives it 7/10. personally I wasn't impressed with the video I saw on XBL - but it's hard to tell because like half of all game videos on XBL are poor quality recordings. sad, really. :(

anyway thanks for the link bubs+ "Helpful"

PshycoNinja2972d ago

to buy a game from the guys who are screwing up Devil May Cry.

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marinelife92972d ago

Which means that if Castlevania and Enslaved were PS3 exclusives they would have received sixes. Edge's bias has already been well documented.

Silentmerc3nary2972d ago

Hydrophobia is a 360 exclusive, and it got a 3.

The Great Melon2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Well by marinelife9's logic it would get a 1 on the PS3. =P

Theonik2972d ago

Not anymore it aint :P

jerethdagryphon2972d ago

well thats informative and surprising thats a 1.2 point difference on a 10 point scale for ps3

theres harsh then theres being anal edge is the later

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MrMccormo2972d ago

Gave and 8/10 to Enslaved and Lords of Shadow...

...also gave an 8/10 to God of War III. Lulz.

Anton Chigurh2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

It's just a Video games.

SweetIvy2972d ago

That EDGE's votes are ridicules and totally biased?!?

They're just puffed-up as they can be... disgusting!



timmyrulz2972d ago

GOW 3 wasnt as good as the first two, it was 8 hours long and had no Multiplayer what so ever so 8/10 was the correct score. Gameplay over graphics any day

djhsecondnature2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Agreed. Gameplay over graphics any day.

However, I disagree on everything else you say. I - like many others - loved the gameplay for GoW3, it is the epitome of hack'n'slash games. The graphics are also stunning which is always great.

Eight hours of intense and superb gameplay is more than enough for me and has already seen two playthroughs, which is a very rare case with the number of titles I have to get through.

KING852972d ago

Timmy I understand how you may have prefered the first two entries in the GOW series over the latter, but why do I hear people say, "but I had no multiplayer"? Why does every game need multiplayer? Multiplayer should only be added if it makes sense. It should never be added just for the sake of putting it in there or to appease someone. I loved GOW III, despite never really finishing the first two (bought it and the GOW collection together. Your comment almost suggests singleplayer experiences are not enough for gamers, rather at least you as a gamer. Is Mass Effect 2 a lackluster game because there is no multiplayer?

DOMination2972d ago

ME2 is a 25+ hour masterpiece that has tons of replay value. GOW3 is an 8 hour hack and slash that looks quite decent but you'll never play it ever again once you've finished with it.

Biggest2972d ago

It's cool that you know what games I will play more than once. Thank you for deciding how I choose to live my life. Where would humanity be without you?

callahan092972d ago

Took me 24 hours of game-clock time to beat God of War 3 my first time through on the hard difficulty. It's not as short as you all say unless maybe you play on easy, in which case, don't play on easy.

badz1492972d ago

"ME2 is a 25+ hour masterpiece that has tons of replay value. GOW3 is an 8 hour hack and slash that looks quite decent but you'll never play it ever again once you've finished with it."

that's where you're wrong! everything you just said was your opinion! stop trying to state it like it's a fact!

UP2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

Why bring up ME2. It does not help your fanboy cause because ME2 Is coming to the ps3 later next year. Did you know? But both games are amazing.

solidjun52972d ago

You do know Cold2000 is Domination. I wish the open zone was back. fanboys like timmyrulz and Dom/cold would be banned there.

xboxlj2972d ago

I totally disagree with you. God of War 3 was an awesome game. Everything including the opening cinematic and first battle is can only be described as epic. Also I have put a lot more than 8 hours into this game and have yet to beat it.

SiteNblog Defender2972d ago

Other action games have co-op like Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and numerous unlockables. God of War 3 lacks replay value.

mrcash2972d ago

Gow 3 became utterly boring after the first few hours, I just finished it to finish it, great looking game but I just didn't dig it too much.

Obama2972d ago

no wonder Alan Wake sold like turd?

UKdoaney2972d ago

definatley disagree there bro, maybe GOW III is not a 10 but it's deffo above a 9!

huzzaahh2972d ago


You're the one who wrote a fanboy/flamebait review for (actually against) God of War 3. I know, I commented on it.

You have no valid opinion.

I agree that Mass Effect 2 is great, but it doesn't deserve all the praise it gets. I have played through both God of War 3 and Mass Effect 2, and I'd prefer God of War 3 any day.

Spydiggity2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

first of all, bayonetta is the "epitome" of hack n slash. gow3 is more of the same and has nowhere near the diversity that bayonetta has. and, if you've put more than 8 hours into it and haven't beat it, you're a noob. not to mention it has no reason to even exist. it's the same plot line as the 2nd one basically with crappier boss fights. same general monsters, same general gameplay, better graphics, no control over the camera even this gen, puzzles that solve themselves (uncharted syndrome), etc.. But hey, that's the kinda garbage people like. the kinda shallow crap that allows them to pay attention for a few minutes in between sending text messages cuz god forbid they ignore that stupid thing and allow themselves to get sucked into anything that has any real depth and quality.

second, ME2 is hardly a masterpiece. it is a dumbed down version of the first one with slightly better gunplay, but it's boring and formulaic (go here, recruit this guy, do a mission, get a dramatic back story, repeat 6 times, do final mission, game over - not to mention the horrid resource gathering mini game). the first one at least kept you interested. the 2nd one puts you to sleep.

tinybigman2972d ago

to those saying GoW3 is an 8hr hack&Slash it's only that if your playing on normal level for an easy game because people lack the skills to play it on the harder levels.

i played it on the 2nd toughest level and it took me 15+ hrs to beat. all of my friends who played it on this level have the same amount of hrs played to beat the game.

even though ME2 is a great game one play through was more than enough for me.

tinybigman2972d ago

bayonetta sucks a$$, horrible story, crappy voice acting, god horrible music, and a fluff main character who just sucks.

jjank112972d ago

That is a misguided statement except for your last sentence. GOW 3 deserves all the praise it gets, it is simply the epitome of the hack'n'slash genre with great visual detail and fluid gameplay with an interesting take on greek mythology as its backdrop. Surely, it has its issues but it builds upon the same formula the other games started. It was not my favorite game but one has to play through to GOW series to appreciate a good game, Just as I would say about Mass Effect or Uncharted.
I don't see why it needs Multiplayer. Multiplayer should never be a detriment to a games review unless it is added to the game and is not implemented correctly.

Jazz41082972d ago

I usually hate hack n slash and god of war 3 was no diffrent. It took me 3 hours to download the stupid demo. I have a very fast cable modem and have downloaded full games on the 360 in less then 5 min. Like I have said in the past the ps3 is a mess.

BloodyNapkin2972d ago

I beat GOW3 first time on hard mode in 9 hours and 37 mins. There is no way it is taking you double the amount of time to beat it on hard when people are beating it on normal in 8 hours. Or maybe you just are not very good, that could be i guess.

evrfighter2972d ago

Gow3 became very meh very fast. I just finished it to get my moneys worth and to trade it in for red dead.

gcolley2972d ago

i don't even see GoW on the list.

x5exotic2971d ago

its funny how ignorant people can be....using awesome graphics as a 100% certain that gameplay is bad...
GoW had everything not just gameplay.....and each gow is better than the other in a different way
multiplayer is for people who play all their life..we're talkin about game itself...MP is a feature that is irrelevant :D

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DigitalAnalog2972d ago

I just refuse to believe a solid looking title like Castlevania with 20+ hours of entertainment is equal to Enslaved.

But the Hydrophobia score was far more surprising as it is one of my personal expected games. Oh well, it's EDGE.

-End statement

BkaY2972d ago

they gave MGS4 = 7


Spydiggity2972d ago

that seems pretty accurate to me.

BkaY2972d ago

enslaved is better than mgs4....? i played the demo and delete it after one play through.... and check the familiarities between enslaved chik and Nariko... there goes ninja theory creativity...

god they are in lala land...


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Valay2972d ago

Really happy to see Lords of Shadow getting good scores so far. Castlevania is one of my favorite franchises. I guess LoS will be the first truly good Castlevania in 3D.

gillri2972d ago

Awesome! both Enslaved and Castlevania are turning out to be very good games

also Batman:AA got an 8 as well as GOW3, EDGE review very harshly

timmyrulz2972d ago

So should they have given LBP 12/10??

CoxMulder2972d ago

They could have given it a 25/10, its still the lone exception that proves the rule.

Maybe their bias towards the PS3 was canceled out by their bias for fellow Brits..?

Eamon2972d ago

I think Ensalved was overrated.

Why o why2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

nothing worse than people who act ignorant

you have bubbles

whisk this please kind sir


please add a little sprinkle of UK bias on top of their extra critical scores towards one console and voila

you get yourself an 'integrityless' pie

Dread2972d ago

did u know that

Castlevania is not a playstation exclusive

Saladfax2972d ago

How can Enslaved, a game that hasn't been released yet, be overrated?

You can't even say it's overhyped, since there really hasn't been any of that either.