PS3 CHART: Sports Champions dips to No.3

Sony's most popular PlayStation Move title, Sports Champions has slipped down the official UK PS3 chart from ELSPA/GfK-ChartTrack.

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Christopher2974d ago

Don't see it dipping up anytime soon unless Sony starts advertising the heck out of it. When the heck are they doing the Coca-cola contests and the Subway contests and whatever else they talked about? Seems like now - meaning before Kinect's launch - would be the perfect time to hit home with heavy advertising.

raztad2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

I'm actually surprised it has hold this well so far. In the previous report SC was second only to Halo:R and in this

01. F1 2010 (Codemasters)
02. Halo: Reach (Microsoft)
03. Dead Rising 2 (Capcom)
04. Civilization V (Take-Two)
05. Sports Champions (Sony)

It is up there with the big releases.

@cgoodno bellow

yeah I dont doubt Halo numbers were crazy high. Kinda the most expected Xbox title.

I'm really digging SC, especially Gladiator and Table Tennis.

Christopher2974d ago

True. The funny thing is that Halo: Reach saw an 80% drop in sales and yet is still #2. That first week definitely was a huge success for them.

jneul2972d ago (Edited 2972d ago )

not bad for week two for a move game:-)
spread word about move and SC guys and SC could end up with the sales it deserves!!