Gran Turismo 5 “Car Index” PlayView Tech Demo


The only two pictures we have of this PlayView demo (apparently featured at the Tokyo Game Show 2010) were unearthed by our own CoolColJ, which you can see above. To get a better understanding of what you’re looking at, check out the following video to see PlayView in action. Basically, it allows you to quickly zoom in on extremely large (34,800 x 92,300) interactive images. Here’s an article which goes in to more detail.

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RememberThe3572999d ago

I don't remember seeing these images. The video isn't apart of the news FYI, it's just giving people context as to how the car index will work.

shazui1232999d ago

It's just that it's been on GTPlanet for 2 days now. Sure it hasn't been on this site before but this news was slow to travel.
756 (+) standard cars in GT5 though. That plus 250(+) premiums takes it over 1000. Makes me wonder whether premiums or standards will make up the last few that take the total count up to the 1100

Nitrowolf22999d ago

wasn't this shown a long time ago?
i remember seeing it.
still cool

CrawFail2999d ago

Yeah, this article was up yesterday just under a different name.

Impressive stuff though.

HeavenlySnipes2999d ago

I'm calliong the RTS game where you can view the Earth from space and zoom into countries seamlessly and view your troops. For the PS Move to. Awesome.

2999d ago
Immortal3212999d ago

n4g make it seems like gt5 is coming out tomorrow.

ShadowJetX2999d ago

Only a little more then a month to go my gaming friend, a little more then a month before perfection is released unto the the world yeah (for NA at least, people in EU will have to wait a few more days yeah).

IRetrouk2999d ago

i know it sucks having to wait a couple more days, got the sig edd so am happy enough to wait, it will be worth it me thinks.

2999d ago