Americas Pre-Order Chart 25th Sep 2010

Pos - Name (Console) - Weeks to Launch - Weekly Change - Total

1 - Call of Duty: Black Ops (X360) - 7 - 97,382 - 888,229
2 - Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) - 7 - 45,127 - 475,616
3 - Fallout: New Vegas (X360) - 4 - 34,211 - 362,385
4 - Medal of Honor (X360) - 3 - 31,011 - 354,489
5 - Fable III (X360) - 5 - 35,604 - 334,080
6 - World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (PC) - N/A - 38,535 - 332,402
7 - Medal of Honor (PS3) - 3 - 18,019 - 290,813
8 - Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) - 6 - 9,698 - 191,150
9 - Fallout: New Vegas (PS3) - 4 - 18,402 - 163,121
10 - Kinect Adventures! (X360) - 6 - 13,003 - 136,371

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TOO PAWNED3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

God i hate vgchartz and ppl that take it seriously.

bmw693004d ago

Go and troll elsewhere

sunnygrg3004d ago

So much for the Activision boycott, eh?

All these Bobby Kotick headlines, they are all advertisements.

GoldPS33004d ago

GT5 should be on top of the list. I hate the fact that Americans go crazy for shooters. If a COD fan were given a real gun and sent to a real war, they would piss in they pants and cry for their mommy.

zootang3004d ago

Operation flashpoint 2 proves this.

Imperator3004d ago

Look at those Kinect pre-orders. Ugh, can't believe there's so many morons willing to get ripped off in this world.

gamer81793004d ago

I would say the same thing about move and the morons willing to get ripped off by a wii knockoff, but it didn't have near as good as kinect in pre orders.

soulraver3004d ago


At least move can be used for fps, and more, so its useful to the people that bought it.

Kinect is a rip off because its all dumb software

Imperator3004d ago


Honestly man, if MS actually demonstrated something good, I would not hate on Kinect; however, all they've shown is worthless party games, on-rails games, and concepts that aren't even possible on the limited tech that is Kinect.

bmw693004d ago

Black Ops is gonna destroy everything!

Christopher3004d ago

I'm surprised to see Fable 3 so high up there. After the first two games, no clue what people see in the franchise.

baodeus3004d ago

Good numbers, but i really though GT5 should get a little bit higher (i prefer racing over FPS)

Maybe because (I hope that you can help clarify what you don't like about fable game):

1. You don't like RPG
2. You play just ran through the story without exploring anything
3. You didn't pay enough attention to how deep the NPC interactions can be and thought that they only good for fart jokes.
4. You hate the art style

Well i love all of those aspect of fable (since i do pay a lot of attention and spend so much time exploring the game). It has the most life like NPC interaction actually out of any RPG game i have played (been playing since the atari era). But hey, my taste might be different from yours.

Christopher3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

1. Fable series is far from a leading game for its RPG. Good/evil sliders that are easily abused, disjointed storyline elements that do nothing to further your character other than experience combined with an overarching storyline that forces concepts on you. IMHO, Fable is just as much an RPG as GoW and similar games. In the end, there's a straight line you follow for the story and the end has a small subset of differences based on what you do at one or two points in the game by telling you how it was different. At least other games enhance the overall story with side quests and how I changed the world. Did I blow up Megaton or not?

2. I've explored everything, it was boring and a waste of my time. The items gained did nothing but make the game really easy to play. The characters interacted with were random and repetitive, to say the least. How many trolls in Fable 2 did I kill that really had absolutely no explanation to them? Face walls that only served to encouraging you to waste time exploring areas you're already bored to death traveling through just to open up and area that leads to what I'd barely call content so much as just new items that you just don't need.

3. NPC Interactions? Oh, you mean that wife of mine who was a guess as to when you could interact with her in a new manner? That wife of mine who is controlled and easily abused just like my fat/thin scale just by buying and eating foods? Or how evil I am just by performing the most basic of actions?

4. Don't mind the art style, though I can say they need to expand on the type of characters you meet in regards to NPCs you fight.

5. You failed to mention gameplay, which was so basic, boring, dull, and didn't really do anything new at all for the genre let alone for entertaining me.

Great that you enjoyed what you explored. But all the stuff you loved? I didn't see it there at all with the same rose-tinted glasses that you did. Oooh, make that boy happy and yet it does nothing but make him happy. I don't advance any storyline element because of it, I just affected that one NPC's like/hate slider. Talk about a waste of my time if it doesn't add to the overall storyline or my direction in the game. It's just a minigame of sorts that is there to allow people to waste time changing the sliders of the NPCs and yet when you actually play through the storyline... it doesn't matter!

baodeus3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


1. Fable is a very casual RPG, so if you expect a complicated story line or an epic universal changing game like ME2, then it is not for you. And if you play it casually, Fable has it own charms that other games don't have.

The story is actually put together nicely if you pay attention (if you read the main antagonist journal, you can see his transition from being a loving family man to become a very detach individual seeking for god like powers and there is a good reason for it but he lost his way in the process). It is odd that i actually felt sorry for the guy, even though he shot my sister, for what has happen to him.

How many RPG game out there that has story plot changing side quests beside just getting few items, weapon, or for the sake of exploring the world? At least in fable 2, the world actually changes and it does reflect upon your decisions. Example: if you didn't sided with the light temple during dark temple invasion, they wound't prosper and the dark side would take over, or if you didn't donate to the architech, there wouldn't be a new town at the recruiter island, or how everything (towns, new areas open up, caves, etc...) changes after you got back from 10 years of imprisonment. There are many changes in the game based on your decision/over time that somehow you seem to miss. You can say that those changes don’t really reflect upon the main plot (true), but they do affect the world and the people in albion as a whole.

You technically just describe pretty much every RPG game with exploration element out there. In every RPG, you either explore to gain exp, get more skills, get better weapons, etc. The monster roaming the world usually don't really have any explanation to why they are there either in other RPGs. As long as it is relevant to that world, it is ok (you wouldn't expect fable to have star war monster wouldn't you?). Beside, fable do have many quests that open up to new interesting areas (like the pirate hideout), hilarious quests (especially about that guy trying to built a cult to change the of the most original and very humorous quest i had ever seen in RPG games)

baodeus3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


3. How about you forget that interaction circle and start listening to what NPC said. You will be surprise by how life like they can really get. They do pay attention to pretty much everything that you do. Example: i raise the rent, the NPC chase after me out of town and ask if i can reduce it or else they won't be able to live there. If you kill somebody and was caught, people actually wishpering about it around town. A little girl even ask me about it. I change sex (drinking the special potion) and many of them couldn't recognize me but some of them do stay back and take a long look at me and said, you look familiar. If you talk to your spouse more often and make them happy, they will share with you about their lives and such. The dog is probably the best NPC so far in games. I have never feel so attach to such thing in a game like with that dog in fable2. After i chose the ultimate sacrifice, i couldn't go around seeking treasure the same way anymore and i just stop playing because i don't have that dog with me anymore. The interaction circle isn't the deep interaction part of fable. It is about listening and paying attention to what the NPCs are actually saying. Again, all of these NPCs interaction are very suble, and unless you pay close attention, you would miss it.

I agree about giving more NPC that you can fight with, but hey, all NPC you

3. I thought the game play was fun (shot the guy in the crotch and see their reaction was priceless, get a head shot and see his head rolling down the slope and you can kick it, the magics were pretty nice. The only thing that i didn't like was the melee part. I guess there seem to be lack of direction or information on how to pull off cool moves, since i do pull off interesting move occasionally but i didn't know how. But i would agree that fable combat mechanic aren't as smooth as other RPGs.

I guess many people seem over look a lot of things in fable because everything are very subtle, but it is much more natural in that way and reward you for finding it or noticing it. But hey, maybe it is just not what you like. It is cool. Not everyone has to like it.

Christopher3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

***How many RPG game out there that has story plot changing side quests beside just getting few items***

Planescape: Torment
Mass Effect
Dragon Age: Origins
The Witcher

Just to name a few. Admittedly not all of them affected the storyline, but a lot of them did.

In the end, we'll hold to our own likes and dislikes with the franchise. I've played the first two games expecting a lot more and didn't get out of it what I wanted. I definitely didn't want a casual RPG, I wanted your typical RPG that I'd pay $40/60 for. I don't feel I got that with either game.

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gamer81793004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Have you ever used the wii for a fps? It's horrible. Trying to move the controller from side to side to find your target sucks. Move is going to be very similar to how the wii works with fps. Even if move is more accurate. it still has the same basics

naznatips3004d ago

Meh Black Ops. I'm done with shooters this gen. Reach is the last one I buy (not counting HL2Ep3 on PC).

nycredude3004d ago

Shooters are fine, if they are well done. However I have had enough of the same old rehashes.

ssj123004d ago

I almost want to agree. There needs to be way more games of different genres. Companies are way to reliant of their shooters this generation.

Pennywise3004d ago

The have over saturated the market with shooters.

I still enjoy a shooter, but I stay away from EA and Activision shooters. They are all the same.

I have MAG for now, which is getting a hefty face-lift this week. Other than that I am excited for Resistance3... I will keep my eye on Killzone to see what they do different with Multiplayer. KZ2 MP was too chaotic for me with too many choke points. If they address that I will buy it.

ssj123004d ago

I will agree, staying away from those two are normally a great idea. The only thing is DICE. When its a shooter by DICE its a must buy. Battlefield 3 will be epic as the rest of the traditional Battlefield PC franchise.

ironcreed3004d ago

Agreed on KZ2 multiplayer. I loved that game to death, but online just turned into a real cluster fuck more times than not. I got burned out on it real fast. KZ3 is looking quite fine, though.

jc485733004d ago

Yea, those 800,000 players need to get a life

DarkFantasy3004d ago

Waitt...when was HL2Ep3 announced!! ?!!!!!?!!?!?!?!

ssj123004d ago

After HL2:Ep2... it will be done... eventually... development is done in Valve time so most likely mid-next year we might have a real release date.

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ssj123004d ago

I was expecting more from the new WoW expansion.

Christopher3004d ago

Only the CE sells well at retailers with pre-orders. Most people tend to do it digitally, which aren't tracked.

Pandamobile3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Anyone else find it quite surprising and disappointing that MOH is ahead of GT5 on the PS3?

I know this is only America's numbers, but still...

Whoooop3004d ago

Nothing surprising considering that shooters have been embraced more than any other genre this gen.

GT is huge, but this is gen is different... I don't see GT5 selling more than 8 mill to be honest. I could be wrong.

DarkTower8053004d ago

This gen is all about shooters. Last gen was a lot bigger for racers. GT5 will be huge, but not as big as a lot of fanboys think.

bjornbear3004d ago

GT5 isn't as big in Americas as it is in Europe / Japan...

and MOH is a FPS

americas = FPS heaven.

gtsentry3004d ago

sony didnt start advertising yet,when they do i wana see how much the pre orders go up

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