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Submitted by Espio1 1890d ago | news

Kotick slams Tim Schafer

CVG: Schafer called me a pr**k, but his game wasn't good (Brutal Legend, PS3, Tim Schafer, Xbox 360)

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MrMccormo  +   1890d ago
Next year in video game headlines:

"Bungie sucks. We thought they'd be good, but we didn't realize that we weren't doing a 'buy one get one free' purchase with Bungie, because all we really wanted was the Halo franchise. I'm angry, because really wanted to show Microsoft how to truly squeeze the milk out of something".

/bitter sarcasm in case you can't tell
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dragonelite  +   1890d ago
durka durka durka
disagrees pushes the minus.

rroded  +   1890d ago
kotic isnt worth the sweat off
Schafer balls

i know kotic wont understand this but brutal legends was an epic game even if it didnt sell a lot.
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Razmossis  +   1890d ago
His game was great, one of the most overlooked games of the generation and one of the very few games that captures how gaming used to feel... like an adventure
Elven6  +   1890d ago
Not really, a lot of gamers have been saying the same thing. The Strategy elements really killed Brutal Legends for a lot of people.
rroded  +   1890d ago
elven6 sure
it wasnt for everyone
but for those of us who enjoyed it the story art and gameplay we're one of a kind. The rts light mixed with action wasnt anything done before and sure it wasnt perfect but it was fun once you got into it.
The world was a metal paradise and everything had that touch the car the ennemies the story n even jack black anyways my two bits if you havnt played it yet give it a try XD
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Anon1974  +   1890d ago
Yeah, you can pick this game up cheap now.
Do yourself a favor and play it. Considering you can find it for $15 or so now, you shouldn't miss it. Sometimes storey, design and character elements more than make up for issues with gameplay. Brutal was like an album cover come to life. I've never played anything like it, and even being a metal head the soundtrack exposed me to music I had never even heard of.

Sure it might not be for everyone - but that's not a bad thing from time to time.
palaeomerus  +   1890d ago
Inappropriate sarcasm.

1.) Activision didn't buy Bungie. They just agreed to publish Bungie's new IP for 10 years. Bungie is still an independent studio.

2.) Activision doesn't own Bungie's new IP either.

3.) It was announced that MS would keep Halo when Bungie left and before they signed on with Activision.

4.) The latest rumors say that Bungie wanted to work with Activision because they wanted their new IP to have a pay to play online structure and have Activision's multi-platform development skills backing them up for their first multi=platform console game.
IaMs12  +   1890d ago
Bungie going with Pay to play structure? Sorry but Bungie just lost my interest in their new IP. Not them as in a studio but i will say now i dont like Pay to play games, and the only one i will do is Xbox Live, for now, at least. Lets see whats the hoo haa about them raising the price, or i may cancel it.

Anyways i hate pay to play games, even WoW didnt sucker me in and Blizzard is probably my favorite devs and i wont support them on that either. If Diablo III is pay to play OH will i be pissed... that might be the first GAME i will do that with haha

on topic:
Glad some devs see this too not just us :)
Dac2u  +   1890d ago
I really enjoyed Brutal Legend, it had a lot of great moments throughout the game. Sure, it wasn't Shafer's best game, but it had a whole lot of charm.
drewboy704  +   1890d ago
I loved that game!!! me being a head banger and all Heavy Metal FTW!
interrergator  +   1890d ago
this guy needs to STFU
LolololRumz  +   1890d ago
This guy is hating on everybody so much that one day he might just turn on himself for the shits and giggles
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1890d ago
And now I'm imagining Kotick having a psychotic breakdown, running around in circles badmouthing Activision while yelling at himself and laughing/screaming like the Splicers from Bioshock.

...And I'm laughing my ass off.
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MisterNiwa  +   1890d ago
Lol, that's actually funny.
badz149  +   1890d ago
"This guy is hating on everybody so much that one day he might just turn on himself for the shits and giggles" - how do you know he's doing just THAT already? playing with himself much I suppose! :)
xchris92x  +   1890d ago
For once I actually agree with Kotick, Brutal legend was an average game.
LolololRumz  +   1890d ago
Yeah its not like the many sequels to most of his games are average
xchris92x  +   1890d ago
I did actually like Brutal Legend (probably because I love metal) but I was a little disappointed with the gameplay.
TOO PAWNED  +   1890d ago
I think point here isnt how good/bad Brutal Legend was. Point is that he himself hyped it, but now he says "Yeah it wasn't that good". Lier and hypocrate.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1890d ago
Brutal Legend is still better than anything I have seen from Activision this gen...

Seriously, maybe it's gameplay isn't top but it was really diversified as you could go hack'n'slash, strategy only or even just run over everything with Deuce. Also it had great soundtrack, great storytelling (Tim Schafer is a master at that), great dialogues and voice acting with Jack Black, it was a long game with a huge map if you wanted to get everything in the SP, it alone made it for those 60 bucks. Even the MP is good for people that like capture the tower style and are in the market for a twist in the genre.

All I have seen from Activison this gen is COD... GH... COD... GH... tons of DLC for GH... COD... GH Artist X.... GH Artist Y... overpriced COD map pack... They even do anything else?
Galaxia  +   1890d ago
Agree with Kotick. I love metal, but from the few hours I spent with Brutal Legend it seemed average at best. Glad I never bought it.
Jerkstore81  +   1890d ago
I agree with Kotick.
gamingdroid  +   1890d ago
Ironically, Kotick had nothing to do with the game and Tim Schafer.

Let's take a look at all the people that complained about Kotick siding with Schafer on those old N4G news post? Even after all that, people still won't stop b1tching about the guy.
kasasensei  +   1890d ago
Nothing can stop kotick.

dktxx2  +   1890d ago
I'm sure a bullet would. We can only dream.
badz149  +   1890d ago
make it more specific
bullet "in the head" would! - there, fixed!

edit: ah...the guy down there beaten me to it but yeah...give me a BAZOOKA!
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LolololRumz  +   1890d ago
Yeah I'd say a bullet to the head but that would probably just bounce off his ego
VasiliasNtaHs  +   1890d ago
Brutal Legend rocked!
danmachine  +   1890d ago
bobby kotick is like the perez hilton of the gaming industry
MonopolyRSV  +   1890d ago
You agree with Kotick about the game not being that hot, but you better for DAMN SURE agree with Schafer about Kotick being a greedy asshole.
jukins  +   1890d ago
cant wait for the call of duty franchise to fall on its face just so there will be no more kotick
TOSgamer  +   1890d ago
It might make you feel better to think that way but honestly he doesn't give a crap. When things go south he'll just leave or get booted out. Either way he'll be taking the 10s of millions he's already made with his salary and selling his stocks and just leave the shareholders holding the stinking rotting bag.
IrishYamato  +   1890d ago
Kotick 'slams' Tim Schafer.
Information overload LOL.
LarsoVanguard  +   1890d ago
Yeah, Kotick 'slamming' anyone is definitely not a scene I want to envision.
4cough  +   1890d ago
Kotick is legend.....Please rip into ken kutaragi, Please.
PopEmUp  +   1890d ago
this pathetic looser again, I thought everyone hate Kockthick, guess I'm wrong, and btw what does ken kutaragi got to do with this?
Unbornkirkster19  +   1890d ago
That has to be the dumbest name for him. You literally couldn't come with anything better? Please just leave, or at least don't come up with anymore stupid names for the sake of all of us.
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floetry101  +   1890d ago
Hahahaha, oh man. This keeps getting better and better.
MysticStrummer  +   1890d ago
I don't know about the game, but I do know Kotick is a prick.
sonicsidewinder  +   1890d ago
this gave me a chuckle
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1890d ago
I absolutely LOVE Tim Schafer's games! Brutal Legend was awesome for the metal alone. Sure, the RTS aspects got a bit tedious, but I was fine with it.

Costume Quest is dream!
DelbertGrady  +   1890d ago
He really is the devil :)

@LeonSKennedy4Life - Completely agree. Best soundtrack ever. I they had kept out the RTS stages, or at least kept them to a minimum and focused more on the regular action the game would have been one of the best this gen. And bubbles for being a metal head!
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dorron  +   1890d ago
Seems Kotick is back to regain his Dickhead of the year award from the hands of people like Pachter and many more...
Galaxia  +   1890d ago
He will never outprick Keiji Inufune, never.
Acquiescence  +   1890d ago
Tim Schafer was the main creative force behind Grim Fandango...
Needless to say...Grim Fandango rapes any COD game.
Darkfiber  +   1890d ago
And how many terrible games has Activision published over the years? And crappy movie games? I've lost count. Also, I enjoyed Brutal Legend more than any Activision game I've played in...well, ever, come to think of it, because I don't want to give them a cent of my money. Only Activision game I've played is Prototype for about an hour and it was so terrible I think it gave me cancer. And I didn't pay for it.
CrIpPeN  +   1890d ago
yeah who can forget all the crappy spider-man games that has come out lately.
Wii360BeatsPS3  +   1890d ago
I like Bobby, he does what's best for his company, looks after his family. And tells it like it is, AND is not afraid of you lilly livered gamers who throw insults at him all day.

I would rather be stuck in a lift with Bobby than any of you whiny bastards. Oh and Tim Schafer is a ass who makes crap games. Truth hurts.
Count  +   1890d ago
You actually think that what happened to Infinity Ward was what was ''best for his company''?

You actually think that laying off people is looking after his family?

You're deluded, or misinformed.

Yeah, so he tells it how it is. Even so, what the hell is he even implying here? That Tim Schafer is a bad games designer? Even though there are many games that he has given a hand in, apart from Brutal Legend, that were good? What a moot 'point'.
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IrishYamato  +   1890d ago
Stuck in an elevator with Bobby?!
Keep your sick fantasies to yourself.
badz149  +   1890d ago
and not to forget
make sure you bring loads of cash! you'll definitely could bring him back home and get lucky! YUCK!!
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mintian   1890d ago | Spam
dredgewalker  +   1890d ago
Well we can't have everything and there's always a good and bad side to things. At least we know the evil ones in this gaming industry but I hope some people wisen up not to support douches by not buying their products and be hypnotized by silly ads.
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limewax  +   1890d ago
Whoa! As if Schafer thinks he has any leverage
I could care less for either guy, But thats a bit childish hey, He wouldnt publish my game so he must be a prick Boohoo...... STOP THE PRESSES! Oh my god, a fat man with an electric guitar in a video game is being luaghed at by the majority of the gaming community? WORLD ENDS!!!

Seriously man rockers in the 80s would have even laughed this off as they went to buy the latest maiden cd. It may have been a bit of fun in a similar sense to spider man games but the guys not really done anything special. Its a fat dude with a guitar.... Dont understand why Schafer feels high and mighty after producing such a lame idea. Man save the cheap shots at each other for REAL people, Like levine, the Crytek team, Team ICO etc etc. Some dude who made a game like brutal legend personally could offer to clean my toilet out and I still wouldnt think any better of the guy. Its not like he actually scratched the market. Easy example FF13 flopped hard, but it still smashed brutal legend, same as many other third party games of the same year did too
TheLig32  +   1890d ago
That is true... Brutal Legend was a pretty terrible game. It would have been much better without the shoddy RTS mechanic.
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