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Submitted by Espio1 1960d ago | news

West, Zampella probably 'never successful again' - Kotick

CVG: Activision boss shares bitter memories of Infinity Ward founders' departures (PC, PS3, Respawn Entertainment, Xbox 360)

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MrMccormo  +   1960d ago
What a little b*tch.

"These guys made me rich, but they'll never be successful without me."

Classic Kotick. This is why I won't buy your games (except for DJ Hero).
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1960d ago
"(except for DJ Hero)"


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Downtown boogey  +   1960d ago
Megaton  +   1960d ago
That's why gamer boycotts don't work.
MrMccormo  +   1960d ago
That was a bit of sarcasm at the end there. Why would I boycott Activision's games? Kotick doesn't make the video games. Sorry, I guess I should have put an /s at the end.
TheDeadMetalhead  +   1960d ago
Right, "sarcasm"...
TOO PAWNED  +   1960d ago
so wait a second, these guys create most succesful IP of all time, making billions for their company, but when they ask for (smaller) part of that money, they betray him? Ok, nice logic there. I guess in his world slavery is still going strong...
DelbertGrady  +   1960d ago
"Bobby Kotick is a saga, y'all spit saliva and he spits lava."
Dnied  +   1960d ago
As soon as their new game trailer comes out and starts with "From the creators of CALL OF DUTY" they will be 'successful again'
MasFlowKiller  +   1960d ago
Ohh god
How can any respected gamer/video Game developer support this guy
I cant believe the people over at bungie sold out to this guy,
sorry but am really having a hard time respecting bungie right now, lets hope the stigma of working for Activations doesn't effect the people over at bungie, becuase they are one of the best studios in the industry, i would hate to see that change becuase of who they work for.
crematory  +   1959d ago
you make me cry from laughing, thank you
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IaMs12  +   1959d ago

Just to let you know they didnt buy out Bungie, they are publishing their new IP thats it. They dont even own the rights to that said IP, yet at least. So bungie is still free to roam the world, they just have the financial backing from Activision. Which could be a good thing since well they got a lot or a bad thing because well the got Kotick not wanting to fork any of it over.
badz149  +   1959d ago
all I can say is...
Bungie beware!
AntoineDcoolette  +   1959d ago
He didn't elaborate on why they will have a difficult time being successful.
Blacktric   1960d ago | Spam
Baka-akaB  +   1960d ago
gee.. that's like saying i'll never have sex with you , except the next time..

facepalm well deserved .

At least do us a favor , and get it used , that way activision gets no money , unless you buy dlcs
edhe  +   1960d ago
Well... sex *is* fun.
fuckoffodion  +   1959d ago
hey edhe you douchebag, you're completely off topic. What does sex and masturbation have to do with anything? If you have problems getting laid, that's your problem. If you have fun with self-gratification, keep it to yourself!
edhe  +   1959d ago
Replying to off topic is off topic. Failgasm!
fuckoffodion  +   1959d ago
Being an idiot is Moronism!!
edhe  +   1958d ago
Takes one to know one!!!!1111!eleven.

fuckoffodion  +   1955d ago
So you admit you're one!!! WOW!! A revelation by you! Awesome! Now you can grow up! dick.
PirateThom  +   1960d ago
Kotick doesn't make them, but he is in charge of the publisher releasing them. Every purchase is money going to Activision and paying Kotick.

Either way, I wouldn't pay Activison in general. Been years since I bought an Activision game and, unless they come up with something creative, will be a long time before I buy another one.

I'm not going to say "don't buy Activision games" to anyone, that's stupid, they may enjoy them, but I'm not going to give a crap company my money... Capcom are about to go the same way... I can't see myself buying another Capcom game this gen either.
Baka-akaB  +   1960d ago
i wouldnt tell anyone to boycott , if they like a game they like a game .

Just that if you make such a statement back it up fully .

In case my it would just be an utter lack of interest in any activision games , with my dislike of their antics as a bonus side dish .

As for capcom , i'm afraid they lost me on most things non fighting games related . I'll never say never , but bare some tremendous changes , asura's wrath will be the only capcom non fighting game i'll be getting for a long while , and that's only because i love cyberconnect 2 , and am surprised it(s not a namco game instead .
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bjornbear  +   1960d ago
I haven't bought an activision game in forever
I don't even remember it...maybe WoW when it first came out?! or COD4 for Mac AAAGES ago

still, not only is it an active boycott ( i just see acti as company DAMAGING the gaming industry more than its helping it)

but I also have no interest...I mean, seriously =/ everything they've released thus far has been MEH....
Baka-akaB  +   1960d ago
when it came first WoW wasnt an activision game , nor any blizzard games , except starcraft 2 , so dont worry .

Looking back , in the past 10 years i've only bought quake 3 (2000) (doom 1-2 , quake 1-2 are more than 10 years old) , vampire the masquarade : redemption (2000), vampire the masquarade : bloodlines (2004) and one guitar hero (2007).

I can safely say that i dont care much for them .
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danielle007  +   1959d ago
Buy Activision games used.
That's what I do. The only $$ I gave them recently was for the COD 5 map packs.. I <3 Nazi Zombies.

But, in reality, Activision will never fall. They're buddied up with Blizzard, for one, and they also have the Call of Duty brand.
gamingdroid  +   1959d ago
I don't boycott any particular company, just bad games!

All this hate for Activision makes me want to support them more!!! It wasn't too long ago EA was the hated company in the industry, the devil one may say. Yet now, the entire gaming universe has all, but forgotten and found a new devil!
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meganick  +   1959d ago
Good call on only buying used. If I every purchase an Activision game, which isn't that often, I always buy used, and it's mainly because of that idiot Kotick. That guy is poison for Activision. I'm surprised he hasn't been somehow forced out of the company to help improve its sagging image.
SimpleSlave  +   1960d ago
I agree
I hate Activision and Kotick and will never buy any of their games. Except Call of Duty Black Ops, Guitar Hero, Cabela's Dangerous Hunts, GoldenEye 007, James Bond 007: Blood Stone, DJ Hero 2, Monster Jam 2011, True Crime: Hong Kong, plus every other game that they publish, plus Blizzard games and lets not forget all of their downloadable content.

But I absolutely hate this guy, and hope Activision loses money, goes bankrupt and I hope they fire this guy.

P.S. I will never buy another Tony Hawk game, that'll show them.

-End moronic statement-

If you want shit to change stop being such a flaky gamers, STOP BUYING anything from Activision/Blizzard.

Just Saying

CrIpPeN  +   1960d ago
Except.... insert Facepalm.
JUDALATION  +   1959d ago
If a game is bought used (from game stop) then Activision does not make a cent... I will never buy a new game from Activision ever again! However if Naughty dog or Gurella comes out with a new game and there is a used one for 4 bucks less I will TAKE THE HIT AND BUY IT NEW... this is how you punnish greedy companies while enjoying their games while rewarding loyal developers of games like LITTLE BIG PLANET and RED DEAD REDEMPTION!!!!
Lich120  +   1960d ago
Ill never make the claim that I wont but activision games because they have blizzard joined up. If not for them, I don't even think I'd have to try to not purchase their games.
Sitris  +   1960d ago
I can not and will not stop buying blizzard games, starcraft 2 is my GOTY so I will not be holding back for any dlc or expansions for any blizzard games haha
Lich120  +   1959d ago
Same for me! I can't get enough of Starcraft 2. Its like the original starcraft all over again... in the best way possible.
Omega4  +   1960d ago
"It shook my belief in two specific people, who were my friends"

Wow, I can't imagine how he treats his enemies.
CBaoth  +   1960d ago
but at least we now see the reason behind his venom
he felt betrayed. The most honest emotion Bobby may have ever revealed to us gamers. It's not that I like the guy, but I understand it now.
Baka-akaB  +   1960d ago
dont believe it for a second , it's too easy . Hell in west and zampella's version , he is probably the one doing the betrayal and treating them rather badly .

And it still doesnt explain the way ex and current infinity ward employées were treated during the affair .
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ZombieAutopsy  +   1960d ago
"I can't imagine how he treats his enemies."

He charges them 15$ for DLC....oh wait.
syrion  +   1960d ago
what a dick !!
Ps_alm3k  +   1960d ago
I can't believe...
you guy make this man smile everyday......
I just can't grasp that!
skip2mylou  +   1960d ago
that is some major bs "i feel betrayed"? fuck that you never payed IW their royalties for the game sales
Solans Scott  +   1960d ago
Those are some pretty bold statements coming from Kotick. No one is certain what future is in store for Respawn Entertainment but I do hope they are successful.
Megaton  +   1960d ago
Stay classy.
4cough  +   1960d ago
Its Simon cowell of the games world

Everyone will hate him for a couple of years, and then your girlfriend will want to have sex with him and your mothers will be having sex with him.
#8 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1960d ago

Sounds like you're speaking from experience.
vickers500  +   1960d ago
Simon Cowell? Lol, no. More like Adolf Hitler.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1960d ago
Simon tells the truth though.

Kotick is just a JERK!
LolololRumz  +   1960d ago
That's one of those really difficult decisions as the CEO of a company, where you step back and say, "Im going to sue your motherfuckin ass"
360 Wii PS3 Yup   1960d ago | Spam
Tuxedoassassin  +   1960d ago
When i read that...
...canˇt stop laughting, i never heard bigger bullshit than this, well thanks Kodick i never buy from you CoD again.
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lonix  +   1960d ago
You're my hero
Bobby I love you soooo much

#12 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
IrishYamato  +   1960d ago
@ Kotick
I think West and Zampella were successful in the first place because of their own talents- not because of Activision or you, you dumb bitch. They still have those talents and i think their next game will show it.
SpideyNut  +   1960d ago
ANYONE who gives Activision their $$...
...needs to have their eyes gouged out with a red-hot fire poker, and their genitals cut out with a rusty bowie knife.
edhe  +   1960d ago
Learn to masturbate, might calm you down.
fuckoffodion  +   1959d ago
I see you had plenty of experience right?
Skynetone  +   1960d ago
i think they will be successful
just to pi++ off Kotick

There working on a call of duty beater right know
ZombieAutopsy  +   1960d ago
Their next game will be called When Duty Calls: Modern Gunfare and it will destroy CoD....god I hope it happens i'd way rather EA be back on top than ActiBlizzard I mean at least EA gives us new IP's that are good, I like Blizzard for Diablo but CoD/GH/WoW can all crash and burn for all I care.
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Acquiescence  +   1960d ago
I pray to God every night...
and ask him to make Activision bankrupt.
Baka-akaB  +   1960d ago
then he will smite you down with thunder , for wishing other actually nice people lost their job and income .

Do you even truly believes that when such companies go under , the ones feeling the burn and losing anything are the chairmens and ceo ?
edhe  +   1960d ago
Yes, ask for a divine power to meddle in business affairs when there are millions affected by floods in pakistan.

Sounds about right.
Galaxia  +   1960d ago
The headline makes it sound worse than it is.

I think West and Zampella are to blame as well, Kotick is a smart man and if he say's he'd be put in jail for doing the same things West and Zampella did then I believe him.

He really had no other choice. No one party is in the right, but Kotick seems to be getting 100% of the hate for just making a smart business decision.
Gohadouken  +   1960d ago
so employées are promised some benefits if they work around the clock and deliver the games without delays , wich they did , said games ends up being the biggest franchise in videogames , they do not get paid and they are wrong for approaching a rival ?
IrishYamato  +   1960d ago
Kotick's first word:
Mrs. Kotick: can you say daddy?. Come on now Bobby, be a good boy, say dad-dy.
Mrs. Kotick: BOBBY, dont use that kind of language, BAD BOY.
Bobby: what are you gonna do, sue me?. Back of the line, bitch.
Mrs. Kotick: BOBBY, i told you to stop it.
Bobby: yeah you did- didnt you?!. Come 'ere sweet cheeks- Bobby wants to play.
Mrs. Kotick: AAAAHH, someone help- my son is trying to sexually harrass me- HEEELP.
Bobby: ka-ching, baby, ka-ching.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1960d ago
I lol'd.

:) Bubbles.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1959d ago
He was probably licking 100 dollar bills rolled on a stick like candy.
bgrundman  +   1960d ago
Wow, sour grapes often. Good lord Kotick, if you sounded more bitter you could work at Fox News.
ChronoJoe  +   1960d ago
Probably cause he considers success over 15m units sold.

Activision aren't too bad though. I mean they keep on Raven software who make a game like every year, that sells less than 500k units... I think if Kotick were really making the decisions then they wouldn't keep this dev on... they definitely aren't profitable.
Gohadouken  +   1960d ago
i have a completely different outlook on this . They kept an average studio who keeps selling in the 500k ballpark , with average to mediocre games with low budgets .

Hell their (still meh imo) x-men legens , marvel ultimate alliance and wolverine games still made a lot of money .
#21.1 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ChronoJoe  +   1960d ago
Yeah I understand the Marvel stuff, maybe even Wolfenstein... trying to ride well established IPs... but I don't know why they let them produce Singularity.
gamejediben  +   1960d ago
mmmmm... Kotick's tears taste so good!
#22 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
sajj316  +   1960d ago
I think we decide that Mr. Kotick. Like how we decide to buy Call of Duty games.
Rhythmattic  +   1960d ago
Well Mr K,
The good gaming community feels you have betrayed us.
solidjun5  +   1960d ago
West, Zampella probably 'never successful again'
I think he's talking about the guitar hero series.
dorron  +   1960d ago
And the yearly dickhead award goes to...

zoks310  +   1960d ago
This man is just filled with resentment, and all this hate will catch up to him. I have not bought an acti game since cod 4 because of Kotic, and I'm going to continue down that path. Screw Kotic, he talks way too much trash, and I feel sorry for Bungie. One of the greatest developers this gen and out of all the publishers to go to Bungie choose acti.
#27 (Edited 1960d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
iammason  +   1960d ago
You're only hurting Activisions image amongst the hardcore gamers. It's sad that he's constantly smashing the competition, even though the competition generally puts out better games than Activision, whose only real game that has any kind of quality is the CoD series. After all, Guitar Hero and TOny Hawk are the only other games they have.

Smarten up, Kobitch.
mintian   1960d ago | Spam
SQWERCH  +   1960d ago
This Kotick guy honestly makes me sick to my stomach. He deserves a nice backhander to the mouth.
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