Halo: Reach Noob Tips - Level Up Your Spartan Fast writes: "We’ve decided to put together a handy guide for leveling up your unique super soldier quickly. Keep the following tips in mind to get more credits (cR) and raise your rank faster."

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ThePimpOfSound2100d ago

Good tips. Except that "vote for SWAT" is unnecessary because that's the only gametype people ever want to play anyway. O_o

KingZFlipper2100d ago

It is a no-skill game mode. Come on, one shot in the head. That's just ridiculous. That is just my opinion.
OT: Nice tips, although I knew 2/3 of them even before i clicked the link.

RonRico2100d ago

Shot once in the head once and dying. That real "ridiculous".

TROLL EATER2100d ago

good thing swat will be gettin its own playlist wen the update arrives next month

The Maxx2100d ago

Bumped for future resources.

antz11042100d ago

Firefight's the way to go. I did it on Legendary w/ some skulls/mods active and got 2,800cR when finished.

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