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Halo: Reach Noob Tips - Level Up Your Spartan Fast

GamerCrave.com writes: "We’ve decided to put together a handy guide for leveling up your unique super soldier quickly. Keep the following tips in mind to get more credits (cR) and raise your rank faster." (Halo: Reach, Xbox 360)

ThePimpOfSound  +   1741d ago
Good tips. Except that "vote for SWAT" is unnecessary because that's the only gametype people ever want to play anyway. O_o
KingZFlipper  +   1741d ago
I hate SWAT
It is a no-skill game mode. Come on, one shot in the head. That's just ridiculous. That is just my opinion.
OT: Nice tips, although I knew 2/3 of them even before i clicked the link.
RonRico  +   1741d ago
Shot once in the head once and dying. That real "ridiculous".
TROLL EATER  +   1741d ago
good thing swat will be gettin its own playlist wen the update arrives next month
The Maxx  +   1741d ago
Bumped for future resources.
antz1104  +   1741d ago
Firefight's the way to go. I did it on Legendary w/ some skulls/mods active and got 2,800cR when finished.
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