Opinion: Innovate to Accumulate?

No Added Sugar's James looks at where games might go, and why every single big money game in the last few years has been completely derivative.

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thebeardedwordsmith2972d ago

Interesting one. Think its pretty accurate too; everything has already been done. However, there are so many indie games that are pretty unique; if only they could get more face time and try to alter this trend.

noaddedsugar2972d ago

Good article. I think that the lack of thematic innovation in the vast majority of games is a general malady that affects movies, music and books just as much as videogames. The economic imperative to make a profit necessarily mitigates against risk-taking of any kind.

mcullin2972d ago

Bret is of course right- the indie scene is where a lot of our hope should lie. It's good to see it flourishing creatively- but I don't know how to bring about such a shift that they become 'mainstream'.

NeoKubrick2971d ago

I think the strength of BioShock was its milieu, but its story and its expressiveness were banal. 'Emergent narrative' is the best example of something possible in games possible nowhere else. And the best examples of 'emergent narrative' are the games Bethesda Game Studios have created, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Fallout 3.